While flavored cigars may have been around for a long time, they have only become available in a premium handmade variety for a relatively short period of time. However, they are quickly growing in popularity as many aficionados become exposed to the pleasure of enjoying them. While flavored cigars are similar to any other type of cigar with the exception of being infused with a unique flavor, there are a few subtle differences.

Flavored Cigars Storage

When it comes to a traditional cigar, storing them in a humidor serves the dual purpose of not only preserving the cigar, but also aging them in order to enhance the flavor and the smoking experience. However, though they should be stored as normal in order to preserve them, flavored cigars will generally not benefit from the aging process, as it in fact can serve to reduce the overall intensity of the flavoring, and not enhance it as it would a traditional cigar.

Where to store Flavored Cigars

Additionally, flavored cigars should not be stored in the same location as a normal cigar, nor should different flavors be stored in the same humidor. This can lead to cross-infusion with regards to the flavor, which is obviously not an enjoyable experience. Flavored cigars that are stored in a central location should be left in the cellophane and further contained in an additional layer of protection, such as a Tupperware container or Ziploc bag. The best option is to usually purchase the items a few days or weeks prior to the intended usage date in order to minimize the need for long-term storage.

Selection of Flavored Cigars

It is important to remember that not every flavor or scent is going to successfully transition from it natural state to that of a cigar enhancer. Each flavor will also taste slightly different based on the specific brand. Selection should also take into consideration the activity during which the cigar will be smoked, in order to avoid overloading the palate with a specific flavor.

For example, certain alcoholic beverages have a specific flavor, and adding a cigar to the enjoyment of these beverages that possesses a similar flavor can serve to reduce the enjoyment of the experience. Unfortunately, a similar situation can arise when enjoying flavored coffee. As always, cigars should be chosen that are going to function as a complimenting flavor, and not those that are going dominate or overload an existing taste.

Purchasing Flavored Cigars

Luckily, quality flavored cigars are becoming more popular not only from traditional manufacturers, but in their availability in quality cigar shops. Variety packs are also available in an increasing number of locations, allowing curious customers the opportunity to select several different flavors without overloading on a particular option only to later discover that they no longer enjoy a specific flavor.


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