Most cigar connoisseurs today have a favorite Nicaraguan cigar. May people consider Nicaragua to be the premiere cigar-growing region outside of Cuba. Nicaragua has a rocky past with the cigar industry. The industry boomed in the 1960’s and then hit bottom in the 70’s and 80’s due to political unrest. It began to flourish again when the US embargo was lifted in 1990.

Our favorite Nicaraguan cigars.


Padron focuses on quality not quantity. They stringently control every aspect of their tobacco growing, production and distribution. This has lead to their reputation of producing cigars of only the highest quality. They are especially well known for their Anniversary 1964 and 1926 cigar lines.

Since it was first founded, Padron has produced only three major product lines, namely, the original Classic, the 1964 Anniversary and the 1926 Anniversary product. Of course, many different sizes are made for each of these three main product lines.

My Father

The Pepin family has quickly become one of the top Nicaraguan cigar producers. Their smooth rich blends and great attention to quality are what have brought them to the top today.

All cigars coming from Tabacalera My Father incorporate traditional Cuban construction, from the entubado style bunching (folding the filler tobaccos in an accordion fashion) to the triple caps used at the head of each cigar. These traditional Cuban methods enable the cigars to burn and combust perfectly, which in turn creates intense amounts of complexity followed by a smooth and enjoyably long finish.

My Father is excellent in terms of quality, construction, and complexity. This blend consists of specially selected tobacco grown at the most prestigious farms in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper is a beautiful Ecuadorian grown Habano-Rosado leaf. Each size comes packaged in elegant boxes of 23, all featuring an old Cuban-style presentation.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate

Drew Estate is traditionally known for its flavor infused cigars (Acid, Tabak Especial) but is quickly becoming a top name in the traditional cigar category. The Liga Privada blends from Drew Estate are a personal favorite. Their smooth full body flavor is unique and unmatched by anything on the market today.

Unfortunately Ligas are in extremely short supply. According to sources at Drew Estate that is the reason for the upcoming release (October 2011) of the Undercrown line. The Undercrown will be similar to the Liga Privada blends but in the $7-$9 range.


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