Famous cigars, as used here, refers to the best known cigars in the world.  Some of these famous cigars include Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, and CAO.  The name recognition of certain famous cigars is much better than other lesser known non famous cigars brands.

Brand name vs. Boutique Cigars

But does this mean famous cigars are the best? Not necessarily.  As with any product it is important to note that while a brand may be well known, it may not be suited to your tastes.  Just because famous cigars are famous doesn’t mean you should smoke them over non famous cigars.

That being said they are famous for a reason.  Enough people have smoked the famous cigars brands to keep them in business.  A lot of famous cigars have become famous cigars because of celebrity endorsements or the similar but less contrived situation of being a famous person’s cigar of choice.

So then it just becomes a question of whether you should go with what Winston Churchill, Bill Cosby or Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks is a good smoke.  But because fame is more a matter of branding than it is a matter of quality, don’t limit yourself to only smoking famous cigars.

One reason for considering non famous cigars is they are cheaper.  But this raises another point.  Cigars are generally considered luxury items.

Some cigar smokers are price conscious and want to find the best smoke for the dollar.  Others like the prestige of being a Cohiba smoker regardless of the cost.  As a matter of fact, the higher price is what is attractive to some.

Smoking an expensive cigar sends a message.  It is one of the only popularly accepted ways of publicly lighting money on fire.  So often the choice depends on what you value in your smoke.

Rather than rely on brand name recognition when purchasing a cigar, do a little research.  Ask a friend who is an avid smoker, or go down to your local tobacco store and ask the salesclerk (who is likely to be a very experienced smoker but not likely to be snobby or elitist).

Identify some things you want in a smoke and let an expert help you find what you are looking for.  If you are not brand conscious tell the clerk (who likely would rather you buy a more  expensive cigar for obvious reasons) and see if you find a less expensive alternative.

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