Waterpipes, also known as hookahs, are used for smoking tobacco.  Some are single stemmed for personal use while many are multi-stemmed for group smoking.  Waterpipes have a central water basin through which the smoke passes before it is inhaled.The water in waterpipes functions to cool, humidify and purify the smoke before it is inhaled.  Waterpipes were first created in India.  Smoking waterpipes is an important social function in many Eastern cultures.

There are some games that have been created to be played while smoking water pipes as well.  Smoking waterpipes used to be of isolated popularity until recently.  Nowadays many westerners own waterpipes.

Waterpipe trends

The use of waterpipes in America spiked greatly in the 1960s and 1970s.  There are even some hookah bars around Europe and North America where patrons can smoke waterpipes with their friends.Most American hookah bars are around college campuses and target the young adult students.  Some studies have shown that around 40 percent of college students have smoked tobacco from waterpipes.

Types of Waterpipes

Multi-stemmed group waterpipes often are very ornate and have long tubes instead of stems.  Such waterpipes construction allows friends

to gather around a table and sit at a comfortable distance while enjoying their smoke.  Waterpipes also give off a soothing bubbling noise which adds another element to the experience.

Some waterpipes have an extra chamber that houses a percolator.  The percolator gives an additional round of filtering the smoke through cool water.  Waterpipes equipped with a percolator use heat exchange and dissolution to give another level of interaction by the tobacco smoke  with the cool water.  As the hot tobacco smoke bubbles pass through the chambers of the waterpipes, the heat from the smoke is absorbed by the surrounding cool water.

Waterpipe dangers

The danger of smoking from water pipes is that during an average sitting of around 45 minutes to an hour people smoking from waterpipes inhale around one hundred times the amount of smoke in a cigarette.  Waterpipes are often used for some other dangerous products such as opium and marijuana.Waterpipes come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and designs but can be purchased for starting at around thirty dollars.

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