If you are a regular smoker you always have a light on you or nearby.  While it is by no means wrong or unacceptable to use a classic Bic or other gas station lighter, it is great to have a durable long lasting lighter that you can have with you for a long time.

Personalizing your Lighter

If you choose to invest in a lighter that will be with you for the long run it is always a good idea to do something to make it yours, to make it special to you.  There are a lot of ways to personalize lighters, but one great way is to get engraved lighters.

The classic engraved lighters are Zippos.  Zippos are the perfect engraved lighters because they are durable and long lasting and have a broad side surface to put a good long engraving on.  There are a ton of great options out there though.


So obviously the easy step is getting the lighter, the tough part is deciding what to engrave.  After all you’ll not likely ever throw away your engraved lighters so it’ll always be with you.  There is added pressure if you are buying engraved lighters for someone else.

Some simple starting suggestions are a special date like a birthday anniversary, baby’s birthday, graduation day, or birth and death dates for in memoriam lighters.  In term of messages there are always the tried and true engraved lighters that say, “I love you” or a just have a name or the smoker’s initials.

Smoking Quotes

Another way to go with your engraved lighters is with famous smoking quotes like “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”, “quitters never win”, “Got a light?”, “Up in smoke”, “The light at the end of the tunnel”, “One lung is better than none”.

Ironic Engravings

You can also do ironic engraved lighters with things like a no smoking sign, Smokey the Bear’s face, a pack of matches or a surgeon general’s warning.  Some of the funniest engraved lighters are ones that actually make fun of the smoker or discourage them from smoking like engraved lighters that say things like, “DON’T”, “Stop Smoking”, “Enjoy your emphysema”, “Dead man walking”, “I ♥ Cancer” and many others.

All in all engraved lighters are a great way to personalize your own lighter or to send a message to someone you love, whether you love their smoking or not.  There are many websites who offer engraving services if you want to order the lighter engraved or you can get a local engraver to do it for you.

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