I love Acid cigars. The Kuba Kuba is one of my go to cigars.

The great thing about Drew Estate is that they have something in their product line for everyone offering over 10 brands. Not only are they one of the top distributors of premium cigars with their Acid, Kentucky Fire Cured, and Tabak offerings but they also sell some very limited release premium cigars. What Drew Estate has cleverly done is create an offering for every type of cigar smoker and also has a pipe collection.

Let me briefly tell you why I like what they have to offer.

Acid Kuba Kuba by Drew Estate

When one smokes an Acid cigar they must keep an open mind and realize this is not going to be a traditional tasting cigar. I have to agree with Drew Estate when they say that one of the interesting things about smoking their Acid line is deciding for yourself what flavors or notes stick out to you. The Kuba Kuba, which is a 5.00 x 54, is the perfect size for an hour smoke. Also, for those who want to judge me for smoking an Acid can kiss my Undercrown.

Undercrown cigars by drew estate
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Undercrown by Drew Estate

Did someone say Undercrown? The Undercrown line of cigars was conceived by Drew Estate when they realized their cigar rollers were smoking too many of their high end Liga Privada cigars and not leaving enough to be exported and sold. The Undercrown comes in 7 different sizes and is one of my favorite mid-priced cigars. Plus, they have one of the best logos in the cigar world in my humble opinion. It is a medium to medium-full smoke with a very smooth taste and will probably run you about $8-9 a stick. It is a great cigar to be had when hanging out with friends and with a glass of bourbon or beer.

Liga Privada by Drew Estate

This is the cigar line that almost wasn’t was because the cigar rollers in the factories enjoyed them too much which almost created a shortage in the supply. One could easily assume that if a cigar roller really enjoys a cigar then they probably know what they are talking about. In English, Liga Privada means private blend and it is not hard to see why. If I want to introduce someone to a premium cigar that they are not gifted regularly then I give them a Liga Privada. Of course, once they are introduced to it they predictably want another one for their collection. If one is concerned that they might not find a Liga Privada for their taste then they need to keep in mind that their are three different lines of Liga Privada with a total of 18 different variations and vitolas.

If you only walk away from this post with one thing then I hope it is a trip to your favorite cigar store to buy a Drew Estate cigar.

Visit DrewEstate.com for more info

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