Custom pipes can be purchased online directly from the pipe maker or craftsman, or from your local tobacconist.  Custom pipes are handmade pipes.

Custom pipes have a long and storied history around the world. Custom pipes were the original tobacco smoking devices.  If you stop and think about it all pipes made before the industrial revolution were custom pipes, because mass production didn’t exist.

The alternative to a custom pipe is the machine made, mass produced stock pipe.  The benefits of custom pipes include, better materials, unique and individualized style, and often times better smoke mechanics and flavor.

Custom Pipe Materials

Most custom pipes are made from either briarwood, clay, meerschaum, calabash, metal or corncob.  There are hundreds of different types of custom pipes.

There are also a great variety of techniques and styles used for making custom pipes.  Most custom pipes bear the engraved mark of their maker.  Pipe makers are making new custom pipes all the time, but it is also possible to get your hands on some great old estate pipes that have been around for a while.

Custom Pipe Construction

Making custom pipes is both a technical skill and an art.  But like anything it can be learned.  There are many pipe kits available for

beginning pipe makers.  For the aspiring maker of custom pipes the suggested reading list includes Pimo’s Guide to Pipe Crafting at Home, Pipe Making For The Rank Amateur, by Bob Everett and The Pipe Dan Hobby Catalog.

These books and articles provide good basics and great insights into the world of custom pipes.  While some custom pipes carry a hefty price tag, most crafters of custom pipes also have a day job.

One company of note who makes custom pipes is J.M. Boswell and Son’s.  Boswell’s day job is running his cigar and tobacco shop.  He has his workshop on site so he can pursue his passion while also making his living all in the same place.

Boswell works with briar and has a great following of pipe enthusiasts.  Custom pipes have a wide range of prices, but by way of example, entry level custom pipes by Boswell will run you around $70.

Any pipe maker can either design custom pipes for you or you can submit a design and they will make your custom pipes to your specifications.  This will obviously carry a price, but there is nothing like having one of a kind custom pipes.

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