Whether you are looking for a personalized gift, or a promotional give away item, custom lighters are a great choice.  Lighters are not only for smokers.  Lighters are for grillers, candle users, campers and many others.  Custom lighters are a great thing to have.

Personalized Gifts

For the personalized gift type of custom lighters, the first place to go is zippo.com.   On zippo.com you can personalize your own Zippo lighter.  You can either choose from one of Zippo’s many designs and logos like sports teams, armed forces, or other popular culture images, or you can upload your own.

You can upload a picture of the grandkids for a lighter for granddad, or a great picture from the bachelor party for your groomsmen or any other memory.  You can also design your own logo for your company or just make a lighter with your own art on it.  You can also personalize custom lighters by putting an engraved message on it.

Lighters are just a handy thing to have around.  But they are easy to lose or forget at home, so most people don’t want to pay for them.  This makes them a great give away promotional item.  You can get custom lighters with your company logo, or your cause’s message.

Custom lighters for special events

People at festivals or sports events will will want free custom lighters.  The great benefit they provide is that people carry lighters around in their pockets and have them around in their house so you can get your brand into people’s lives in a unique way with custom lighters.

People also love to find things like lighters that connect with them and support their identity.  Although it is easy to lose a plain blue Bic

lighter, a custom lighter with the logo of your favorite whiskey on it is a different thing.

Someone who smokes a pack a day will look at your custom lighters 20 times a day.  Often lighters are used for occasions like lighting the candles on a birthday cake, or anniversary dinner table, or fireworks on the 4th of July.

Custom lighters for brand promotion

Your brand could be associated with those events if you have custom lighters.  Lighters are also useful in everyday relaxations like lighting a scented candle or incense or sitting on the porch for a cigar.  Custom cigars allow you to be a part of these moments.

For custom lighters online check out elighters.com, custombiclighters.com, or find any local promotions company for ways to get custom lighters and for other ideas.

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