Every cigar enthusiast must have a humidor.  Cigars need to be stored in a proper environment to maintain their quality and to properly age.  So you need a humidor.

For some a desktop humidor or any simple box will do, but a humidor can be so much more.  Just as your cigar collection says something about your dedication to cigars, so can your humidor.  There is nothing more unique and identifiable than custom humidors.  Custom humidors can be a great way to highlight your cigar collection.

Why Custom?

Custom humidors can become a part of the room.  Custom humidors can be both a piece of furniture and a piece of art.  There is something so far beyond mere functionality when it comes to cigars and cigar accessories.  While custom humidors may not keep your cigars and better than any old wooden box with a sponge in it, the cigar life is not merely about function, it is about character.

For a humidor to be in the category of custom humidors it must only have some unique characteristic that makes it customized to the owner.  On the simple side custom humidors could be a humidor with a special engraving on it or any other personalization.

But true custom humidors are humidors that have been designed to your exact specifications by a master humidor craftsman.  One such custom humidors craftsman is Brian Paul of Paul Custom Humidors.

Mr. Paul is a master woodworker and delights in making custom humidors for cigar enthusiasts.  He has his hand in every stage of the

craft from design to finish, and for over twenty years he has been crafting custom humidors to the great satisfaction of his customers.

He will work with any idea you have for custom humidors and is known for always delivering what is asked of him.  He does everything from end table humidors to wine cooler humidors and everything in between.

Custom humidors are something you can pass down through generations of your family.  At heirloom humidors you can also commission your custom humidors to leave as your part of your legacy.  They offer 133 different woods for custom humidors.  You can have as much involvement as you want to in the design, or you can give them a concept and let the master craftsmen do their work.

Buying a humidor is not just a purchase that provides a means to an end; it is an opportunity to bring your own style and character into your cigar life.  Custom humidors are the best way to accomplish that.

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