Cuban Cigars: Why Smoke a Cuban Cigar

Cuban cigars are among the highly-respected and popular types of cigars across the globe. The unique flavor of a Cuban cigar sets it apart from the rest. Aside from that, it is also well-regarded as one of the best in quality in the world. Consequently, they are relatively expensive as well. But sales of Cuban

cigars are not affected by price because they are sought-after products among the elite.

The price of a single stick of Cuban cigar can sometimes fetch the same amount, or even more, as a box of other types of cigars. This only proves that Cuban cigars are the premium type and they are used by many elite and famous people. They are regarded as a symbol of elegance and luxurious lifestyle.

In fact, many distinguished personalities and celebrities all around the world have chosen to smoke Cuban cigars because of their distinct tastes and flavors that provide ultimate satisfaction to the smokers. They are made of pure tobacco leaf of finest quality, and processed using a unique technique to preserve its freshness and aroma.

Some of the famous personalities in the list of Cuban cigar users are Winston Churchill, recently Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Charles Dickens, and Victor Hugo. Among the celebrities, Arnold Scharzenegger is on the top list along with Jack Nicholson, Robert de Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Pierce Brosnan, and Francis Ford Coppola. Cuban cigars are even part of history during the time of Christopher Columbus when some of his sailors discovered some natives smoking Cuban Tainos.

Cohiba Cuban Cigars – Top Brand of Cuban Cigars

There are many different brands of Cuban cigars. The top rated brand in the industry is the Cohiba Cuban cigar. There are many reasons why the Cohiba brand is on the top list. First and foremost, this brand, established way back in 1968, initially produced Cuban cigars using a special process that involves an added fermentation procedure for exclusive use of the Cuban government; particularly, for Fidel Castro and his top aides. This is also given, on several instances, as a state or diplomatic gift from the Cuban government because of its distinct qualities that are unique only to Cuba. Since then, it became the flagship brand of Cuban cigars and this was eventually made commercially available to the public since 1982 up to the present.

To date, Cohiba Cuban cigars still enjoy the same distinction and respect from many cigar smokers all over the world, and puffing an authentic Cohiba cigar on your mouth would definitely set you apart from the other smokers.

Tips on Buying Cuban Cigars Online

The best way to get an authentic Cuban cigar is to actually buy it from one of the top cigar stores and shops in Cuba, especially in the El Laguito Factory where the Cohiba cigar was first made under the tight security of Fidel Castro’s security forces.  There are also several authorized dealers of Cohiba cigars outside of Cuba. Another option is to buy Cuban cigars online. However, extra caution must be observed when opting for this method in order to get authentic and genuine products. Some sites claim to be selling Cohiba cigars but the authenticity of their products is doubtful.

To help you out in your online shopping for genuine Cohiba brand of Cuban cigars, look for the authentication seal of the Cuban government marked Habanos on the cover of the product. Make sure that there is a black silhouette of a tobacco leaf. Inside the box, you should also find a Habanos notation on a parchment paper with an introduction translated into four different languages. Just keep these things in mind when buying cigars. They can help resolve the issue of “How do I avoid counterfeit Cohiba cigar products online?”.

Cuban Crafters Cigars – An Online Shop for Cigars and Accessories

For better assurance that you are buying genuine cigar products and accessories, one of the best online places to shop is the Cuban Crafters Cigars. You can buy different brands of cigars in boxes of 10 at the site including some cigar accessories like humidors, a cigar cutter, lighters, cigar cases, candles, Cuban cigar art gift set, Cuban cigar cologne, and ashtrays.

What is even more interesting about this site is that they are offering full satisfaction guarantee where you can ask for full refund of the purchase amount if you are not satisfied with the results. You are given a week to try out the product and to contact them if you intend to request for a full refund. This eliminates your risk in your online purchase, as well as in buying fake or counterfeit products.

Furthermore, the company has an actual office located in Miami, Florida. This proves that it is existing and not just a backyard business posing as a big company online. Check the site for some discounts and great deals, which they sometimes extend to wholesale buyers of large quantities of cigar boxes. Ordering can be done online with shipment services.

Aside from the Cuban Crafters, there are also other cigar shops like the My Cuban Cigar online store where you can buy genuine cigar brands at cheap and discount prices. Some are even offering vintage brands, pre embargo cigars, and collectors’ edition like the Romeo y Juliet Limited Edition 2009. Check the pictures to get a glimpse of their design. However, it is not the design and presentation that matters, but the aroma and taste of the product.

Best Cuban Cigars: Other Famous Cuban Brands of Cigars

Aside from the ever popular Cohiba brand of Cuban cigars, there are also other notable brands that include the Ramone Allones brand, the Montecristo (Monte Cristo to others) or Partagas Cigars, the Bolivar brand, and the Hoyo de Monterrey. Most of these brands have factories and outlets in various countries outside of Cuba. This makes it easier and cheaper on your part to get hold of Cuban cigars at affordable rates. Other similarly popular brands are the Romeo y Julieta cigar, Trinidad cigars, and San Diego cigars.

Cuban Cigar Reviews

If you are still undecided on which brand of Cuban cigars to choose, read some Cuban cigar reviews from several independent review sites in order to get more insights on the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. Compare the different ratings of each brand and choose the one with the highest votes or rating. You may also ask referral from friends and from forum members in some cigar forums regarding the best brand of cigars to buy.

Cuban Cigars Illegal – Avoid Legal Issues

One of the essential factors that you need to keep in mind when buying Cuban cigars is the legal issue on buying cigars made from Cuba. The United States government issued in 1963 a “Trading with the Enemy Act” that prohibits importation of Cuban cigars. It is, therefore, illegal to bring Cuban cigar products to the US. Breaking the law is subject to punishment with fines. Embargo will also be imposed on cargoes carrying Cuban cigars to the U.S. without supporting documents.

Even visitors to Cuba who purchased Cuban cigars and bring them to the U.S. will also be subjected to necessary fines. Only those with license can bring them to the country at a certain limit. Customs are strict with regards to this issue. It is better to avoid the hassles of bringing Cuban products to the country due to the existing laws prohibiting such products from entering the U.S. market until old laws are lifted.

In Canada, it is also important to take note of the Canadian Tobacco Act that prohibits the inter-provincial transport of tobacco products from one area in Canada to another province. Thus, online purchases of cigars may not be extended to Canadians.

Buy Cuban Cigars: Important Warning to US citizens

US citizens planning to buy Cuban cigars are forewarned on the existing regulations on buying and smoking Cuban cigars. Even possession of the item is already subject to penalties and corresponding fines. Companies with Cuban cigars could be fined as high as a million dollars or more, while individuals could be fined as much as twenty-five thousand dollars plus imprisonment. Cuban cigars may have the classic and unique aroma and tastes, but they are definitely not worth the risk of smoking even a single cigar within the US territories.

Cuban Cigars for Sale Abroad

If you are a US citizen and you would like to smoke Cuban-made cigars, then you can have the smoke that you long for when you are abroad on a vacation trip or during one of your holiday getaway travels. Make sure to buy authentic products since there are also fake and non original items in the market. Check the label and look for authentication labels or bands to ensure that the product is real or genuine.

Puffing Cuban cigars does not only provide sheer enjoyment and ultimate pleasure; but it also distinguishes a person to the elite status.

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