For the vast majority of the world Cuban cigar prices are just like any cigar prices, they vary greatly depending on the quality of the cigar, the brand, and other factors.

Not every Cuban cigar is the greatest quality cigar, just because it is grown or made in Cuba.  The Cuban government also controls Cuban cigar prices because the cigar industry in Cuba is nationalized meaning the government runs it.

Cuban cigar prices in the US and the Cuban embargo

But for citizens of the United States Cuban cigar prices are very inflated.  Cuban cigar prices are inflated because Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States.

Due to the American embargo on Cuban goods, which began in the 1960s, it is illegal for an American citizen to buy, sell, own, or possess Cuban goods.  So as with any black market item, Cuban cigar prices are much higher for Americans.  That is not to mention the extra risks and cost of getting them into the country.

Where to find good Cuban Cigar prices in the US

Most people who have good Cuban cigars probably have a connection somewhere outside of the United States who has some black market channel for Cuban goods.  Basically you have to “know a guy”.

When you “know a guy” you always pay higher Cuban cigar prices, because he has to cover his expenses, and the expenses of “a guy” are many times pretty high.  “A guy” also knows that it is hard to get Cuban cigars in the United States so his clients probably pay pretty high Cuban cigar prices because of their scarcity.

Cuban Cigar prices Websites

Cuban cigar prices are hard to pin down in some ways for Americans.  There are tons of websites that claim to be able to get Cuban cigars

delivered to Americans.

This raise two issues, how do you know the cigars are Cubans, and how do you know they will deliver on their claim without getting you arrested?

For any reliable source online, the American government likely watches out for packages from such companies and will commandeer any illegally sent Cuban cigars.  So you have to know something they don’t.  Such a source will not likely come up in a Google search.

The other clever thing cigar sellers do is they call some Cuban seed cigars Cuban cigars.  Cuban seed cigars are cigars made from tobacco that was grown with seeds from tobacco plants that were once grown in Cuba before the embargo, but are now grown in Honduras or the Dominican Republic or elsewhere where Americans can legally buy.

The question there is whether the soil and climate of Cuba are so superior to the soil and climate elsewhere as to make a Cuban seed cigar made in elsewhere substantially different.

So it is hard to comment precisely on the Cuban cigar prices, but regardless, Cuban cigars are illegal so it is not recommended that you try to procure them in America, or bring them back from another country.

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