Corona Cigars is a cigar retailer founded by current company president Jeff Borysiewicz.  Borysiewicz started his career woking for his dad at the family automotive repair center.  Borysiewicz’s ambition tugged at him and he wanted to broaden his horizons.

He was an avid deep sea fisherman and a cigar enthusiast.  He decided that the cigar industry had more promise than the offshore fishing industry, (and the automotive service industry)so he created Corona Cigar Co.

Corona Cigars was an idea born in the automotive service center, and for the first years of the business, Borysiewicz ran Corona from his father’s shop.  Today Corona Cigars employs around 90 employees at any given time.

Corona Cigars has both a traditional local retail store presence as well as an online and mail order catalog delivery retail operation.  Corona Cigars boasts the largest online retail store with a broad variety of every type of cigar and cigar accessory out there.

Corona Cigars takes its cigar stock very seriously and while they always have the popular and well established brands, they also do their best to stock rare cigars as well.  You can find various limited edition lines at Corona at any given time.

Some of Corona Cigars  limited edition rare offerings are rare because they are created by such international cigar names as Jorge Padron and Nick Perdoma, strictly for the Corona Cigar Co.  You won’t find these limited supplies anywhere else in the world.  Borysiewicz has a great personal relationship with the world’s most renowned cigar men and it shows in Corona’s private selection cigars.

Corona Cigars claims to be your smoking room away from home.  They really make good on this claim with their local retail stores.  Corona has three retail stores in Orlando.

One is in the convention and tourist area.  Corona has a second retail location in North Orlando’s Heathrow neighborhood.  The third store is in downtown Orlando.  Each store has plenty of unique character, but each has a distinct South American flare most of which draws on a Nicaraguan theme.  Beer, wine and port are sold at all three Corona stores, and liquor is sold at the full bar in the downtown Corona store.

Corona Cigars is passionate about protecting cigar consumers rights.  Thus Corona has created Cigar Rights of America, an organization charged with protecting the rights of cigar smokers everywhere.

Corona’s primary focus in this endeavor is to provide an organization dedicated to fighting the current sin tax on tobacco and any other further tobacco tax.  Corona is also dedicated to ensuring that there are no other limitations on Americans’ freedoms to buy and smoke cigars.

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