Tobacco pipes come in all shapes and sizes.  So what makes gets a pipe into the category of cool pipes?  This of course depends on your idea of cool.

Novelty pipes

Our first category of cool pipes is the novelty pipe.  Pipes can be made in the form of many different things.  There are cool pipes that are made from highlighters, shotgun shells, flashlights, and all sorts of other things.

Some novelty pipes are cool because they are made in the shape of things like dragons, lamps, golf clubs, or naked ladies.

Homemade pipes

There is certainly something cool about something you create yourself, so the second category of cool pipes is homemade pipes.  The basic parts of a pipe are the bowl, the chamber, the draught hole, the stem, and the mouthpiece (or bit).

While this can be done with a pipe kit or some wood and carving tools, the most historically popular homemade pipe is the corn cobb pipe.  If you think the pipes your granddads smoked from were cool pipes, then you may want to make a corn cobb pipe.

Corn Cobb Pipes

The dried corn cobb will serve as your bowl.  The inside part of the cob is called the pith.  The wider the pith the better for a pipe.  You will want to hollow out a portion of the top of the pith to serve as your chamber.

For smooth air flow drill a small hole into the side of the bowl (draught hole).  Use your drill to drill a long thin hole into a tree branch then whittle the branch down to the size you want.  Then just drill a hole in near the base of the chamber the width of your branch and you have yourself a homemade corn cob pipe.

Classic pipes

In the world of tobacco, classic is often synonymous with cool.  The coolness of these cool pipes is their retro style and simple old world charm.

These cool pipes are generally what are known as briar pipes.  The are carved and crafted with a style that has and always will be t

he essence of the tobacco pipe.  Smooth curves and simple textures are the hallmark of these cool pipes.

Artistic pipes

Some cool pipes are cool because they have cool

artistic qualities.  Many cool pipes have a bowl with an intricate sculpture carved into it.  Many have faces or other pictures.

One of the most popular of these cool pipes is the Meerschaum pipe.  The name refers to the mineral used for the bowl.  These cool pipes are known for the great carvings they exhibit.

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