Over the years many people purchased high end Colibri lighters only later to realize Colibri had poor quality and warranty service. The colibri brand suffered to the point no one would buy them.

Fast forward 10 years to now, Colibri has reinvented itself. Great new designs and a lifetime warranty have brought the brand back to life. Colibri lighter designs are now cutting edge and reasonably priced. Gone are the frustrating days of broken lighters with no way to return them. The combination of price, quality, design and warranty have put Colibri lighters on the cutting edge of the lighter industry.

Colibri Lighters Design and Quality

The new Colibri is inspired by the elegant lines and clean-cut facets of the 1920’s. Colibri lighters are a tribute to Julius Lowenthal, the founder of Colibri.  In 1928 Julius changed the way lighters were used when he created the world’s first single action lighter. This created the legendary Colibri brand of lighters.

Each new Colibri lighter product is individually designed in London and engineered to the highest quality standards.  The result is elegant yet deceptively simple products precisely tooled and perfectly formed.  Colibri offers three different series of lighters and cigar cutters, each one suited to a different lifestyle.

New Lighter Releases from Colibri Lighters

The Colibri C-Series Cigar Lighter:

This classic cigar lighter bridges the past with the future.  The C series is inspired by the cool elegance of the 1920’s with a 21st century twist. This line of Colibri lighters includes soft flame, double torch and single torch lighters. Certain models include a very functional built in punch cigar cutter.


The Colibri D-Series Cigar Lighter:

The D Series of Colibri lighters is very simple yet bold with clean lines.  Clean cut facets and singular lines create a minimalist look. This series includes soft flame lighters and wind resistant cigar torches.

The Colibri T-Series Cigar Lighter:

The Colibri T Series is defined by refined technology and focused design.  Dynamic lines combined with retro angles create beautiful cigar lighters. The T series is by far the most popular Colibri lighter line in production today. The designs include several variations of windproof torches, some with cigar cutters.

The Colibri Lighters Warranty

New Colibri lighters include a great warranty. Colibri states on their website all lighters returned within 2 years of purchase will be replaced for a small handling fee with no questions asked. Also, most Colibri lighter dealers will handle this for you and possibly trade out the lighters on the spot to save the hassle.

Give Colibri another try and you will not be disappointed!

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