CLE Eiroa CBT Maduro Cigar Plays With The Senses

The cigar I am evaluating is the CLE Eiroa CBT Maduro. The Eiroa is one of the lines of CLE cigars recently introduced by Christian Eiroa. This is rumored to be the top of the line of the CLE brand. This version is the CBT Maduro which is designed to be a bold version of the Eiroa. The size was a Robusto (5 X 50).

The Cigar Packaging Is Top Shelf

The cigar came in a blackish gray wrapper tied at both ends. The print was a dull silver. On the wrapper around the Eiroa print were the words Salud,

Amor, and Pesatas which, upon looking them up, translated to Health, Love and Money. I can always use a little bit of all three of these so I was looking forward to this cigar. The CBT stands for Capa, Banda, and Tripa which is Spanish for Wrapper, Binder, and Filler. The CBT is constructed using maduro tobacco at each of these levels. This is the first cigar I have smoked that was composed completely of maduro components.
The cigar was professionally rolled. It had a solid firm body and the wrapper was very tight with a few veins apparent. Not an oily wrapper but not dry either. The cap was solid and very easy to punch. It was a very inviting cigar. It had a bold red, black and silver label on the cigar itself with classy embossed ridges around the sides. This cigar does sell itself very well.

Is This One Of The Best Maduro Cigars?

The pre-lit draw again spoke of the professional construction. It had an easy draw and it had a taste of a spice (sort of cinnamon and coffee) and pepper. The smell also had a slight cinnamon, coffee and pepper fragrance. I got the sense very early that this was going to be a bold tasting cigar. Upon lighting I got a strong spicy pepper taste along with the richness of the maduro tobacco which I really enjoyed. It was very easy to light and easily acquired an even burn.

  • One half inch in the spicy pepper was still very prominent. The maduro boldness went well with the pepper at this point. The burn was still even and the ash was a white gray and very solid.
  • About one third in the burn was getting a little uneven but a simple touchup settled it down. I was a little disappointed at this point that the pepper taste had given way to the rich coffee tobacco taste of the maduro filler. The boldness itself was settling down some. There was no harsh taste but the early taste of pepper had been complimenting the rich maduro flavor. Slightly further in the edges of the cigar wanted to burn a little quicker than the center which did result in a little more maintenance that I would have liked.
  • At the two third point the cigar was still very tight. The pepper started to come back at that point which was needed because the maduro taste was a little overwhelming but not in a bad way. The burn had evened out and was fine at this point. The remainder of the smoke stayed about the same. It never burned hot or became spongy.

My evaluation of this maduro cigar upon completion is that it is perfect for an occasion when you need a break from the norm and want to try something that plays with your senses. You don’t experience a wide variety of flavors throughout the smoke which is due mostly to the complete maduro construction. It would go good with a bold bourbon, a rye whiskey, or something tasteful that could keep up with the maduro taste. It is very well constructed and impressively packaged. I would not recommend it to the beginner or any smoker that wants to enjoy an easy smoke. That is not an insult by any means. It is exactly what it is designed to be, a bold tasting heavy hitting cigar. While I truly enjoyed the experience, it is not one I would recommend as an everyday cigar. When you’re looking for a bold change, it would be an excellent choice.


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