There are many great places to find cigars for sale.  To determine where you should go to buy cigars for sale, you should first determine what kind of cigars for sale you want to buy.  There are some basic distinctions in all cigars for sale.

Types of cigars for sale

First, you should determine whether you are looking for machine made cigars for sale, or hand rolled cigars for sale.  Machine made cigars can be purchased at any local convenience store, gas station, grocery, tobacconist’s shop and there are also machine made cigars for sale online.

Machine made cigars

Machine made cigars are cigars like Swisher Sweets, Black and Milds, Phillies, and White Owls.  They are mass produced so they are cheaper than hand made cigars.

You can find hand rolled cigars for sale at a lot of different places as well.  While you won’t find many hand rolled cigars for sale at gas stations, convenience stores or groceries, you will find hand rolled cigars for sale at your local tobacconist’s shop.

Hand Rolled Cigars

This is the best place to find cigars for sale, because you can actually talk to someone who knows about cigars and can help you find the cigar that suits you.

You can also find hand rolled cigars for sale on the Internet, but you never know what you are getting when you order cigars for sale off

the Internet.  Aside from the perils of shipping and handling the cigars for sale on the Internet, your purchase experience will lack the personal input of a tobacco expert and you will not be able to personally inspect the product before you buy them.

This can be troublesome because you will not have the opportunity to see if the wrapper is in good shape and whether the cigars have been handled properly.  But once you find a good online resource, they can be trusted for the purchase of cigars for sale.

Some of the best brands of cigars for sale are Arturo Fuente, CAO, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba and Macanudo.  In the United States of America you will not find any Cuban cigars for sale because it is illegal to sell, purchase, or possess Cuban goods in The United States.

Many websites will claim to have Cuban cigars for sale to Americans, but these claims should be approached with a hefty amount of skepticism.  While some claim to be able to get Cuban cigars for sale in America, most are smoking Hondurans or Dominicans that have been labeled Cuban cigars for sale.  Only a few people know the difference anyway.

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