Cigars are an experience, a way to relax and unwind with a slow burning, savory treat of enjoyment. A real cigar aficionado will be able to enjoy their cigar on any occasion. However, one occasion that supplements cigar smoking completely is golf. Cigars and golf are two of the most relaxing activities anyone can do during a free weekend or morning.


The nature of golf is a friendly competition with friends. Even if the game includes stark scores between players, none of it matters. The cool air, the sun’s light basking on you, and the fun with friends or associates is enough to make golf an extremely relaxing sport. Cigars and golf add a new level of relaxation to the experience. Cigars and golf can make one feel extremely relaxed and help your mind trail off as you play with your friends. The combination of both cigars and golf are an uncanny mix and will make the morning or afternoon incredibly relaxing.

The grounds of many golf courses or clubs allow patrons to smoke on the premises. If not, there should be a cigar club or room available on the grounds for enjoyment after or before a game. However, cigars and golf on the playing green are two combinations to never miss a chance enjoying when possible.

Cigar Etiquette

There is usually cigar etiquette while playing golf. As soon as the first hole starts, a player or players can begin to light up their cigars. Since golf is a sport of patience, a cigar will obviously last a player a couple of holes. The first hole itself, even with a par 4, can take over a half hour to play if you have more than 4 people playing. Hence, try not to smoke the entire cigar on one hole. It will make you look rushed and as if you are not enjoying your time at all. It is advised that the hole where everyone can enjoy a new cigar is around the 4th hole. Hence, with 18 holes in a game, one could hypothetically smoke 4 cigars. However, you should smoke however many cigars you want, especially less if you want to savor the flavors longer or you have a finite supply.

Never tap your ashes onto the green. This could be a fire hazard and would pollute the green with cigar ash. The team should always have a golf cart with them that contains cigar holders and ash plates. It is recommended that all players smoke the majority of their cigars at the golf cart and tap their ashes onto the ash plate or smoke while driving. Luckily, cigars take a while to burn enough for ash to be tapped away. Still, try to avoid tapping away ash on the green at all times.

Cigar and Golf Enjoyment

Cigars and golf are such a good investment for golf outings, they can be thought as a great present for friends or family members. Say someone is going to buy a person a nice golf club for somebody, a great extra package are some rare cigars that the person and some friends can try out while they go out for a morning, afternoon or weekend of golf. If you have yet to try golf with cigars together, you do not know what you are missing.

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