Mikes Cigars is one of the leading cigar distributors in the market today.  Specializing in cigars, cigar samplers and cigar accessories, Mikes is among the best at what they do.  Mikes has a retail store in Harbor Islands, Florida, just outside of Miami.

Sometimes called Mikes Cigars of Miami. Mikes has a particularly Miami flare.  Mikes carries over one thousand cigar brands and has an average of ten million cigars in its inventory at one time.  Mikes has a strong online presence, as well as a mail order catalog.

Mikes Cigars Company History

Mikes Cigars was founded by Mike Mersel in 1950.  After Mikes Cigars had several years of steady growth as a regional cigar warehouse and cigar wholesale supplier, Mersel partnered with Oscar Boruchin, a 25 year veteran of the cigar business.

With the help of Boruchin, Mikes Cigars grew tremendously.  Seeing what the future held with the internet boom, Boruchin helped Mikes Cigars expand.  In a short time Mikes Cigars became one of the major players in the mail order and internet cigar distribution business.

Mikes Cigars Top 5 Internet Cigar Retailer

In recent years, Mikes Cigars has maintained a place among the top five national cigar retailers in the United States of America.  After 26 years with Mikes Cigars and over 50 years in the cigar business, Boruchin retired in 2011.

Mikes Cigars is now run by Obed Ben-Arie.  Ben-Arie has been with Mikes since 1991.  He will see Mikes through the complete transition into the technological age.  Mikes is currently known as one of the United States’ “big three” in the world of independent cigar mega-stores.  Mikes is also one of the top independent cigar distributors in the world

Mikes Cigars Website Selection

The Mikes website offers much more than an online store.  You can keep up to date and in the know by following Mikes cigar blog.  Mikes blog will keep you posted on all new product releases and events around the Miami area and beyond.

Mikes Cigars on Twitter

You can also keep up with Mikes by following them on Twitter @mikes_cigars.  Followers will receive weekly specials and deals.  You can also check out Mikes cigar review if you need help picking out your next smoke.

Mikes carries almost every cigar you can imagine or at least have ever heard of.  Mikes flagship brand is the Licenciados brand.  In 1993, Mikes received Cigar Aficionado’s highest to date rating ever given to a non-Cuban cigar for their Licenciados Toro.

Mikes also carries other flagship brands such as Mikes Bauza, Mikes 898 Collection, Mikes Chevere, Mikes Old Fashioned and Mikes 1950.  Mikes also carries all your favorite brands like H. Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Arturo Fuente, Oliva and Montecristo.

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