By: Ammer Cabrera
Edited by: Tyler “The Creator” Walrabenstein


World Issues Nullified By the Cigar Shop

Whenever we watch the news, we often hear that we live in a conflicted society.  These conflicts are often fueled by differences in race, upbringing, religion, political affiliation, ethnicity and other such discrepancies in character.  What if I told you, that there are places all over the country that these differences are all nullified by a common thread?  This same thread has been part of society for many generations and has helped feed many people in dire straights.
This thread that I speak of is the institution of the cigar shop– a place where many come to relieve themselves of daily stress and remove themselves from the regular perils of life.  Through my various travels to cigar/tobacco shops all over the world, I have been able to see how people from many different walks of life can sit and enjoy a cigar.  This place – the cigar shop – holds asylum to those who can respect each other and the love for the premium cigar they hold in their hands, along with the time they spend dissolving their worries, one puff at a time.

Unspoken Code of Tobacco Shop Etiquette

There is a certain untold expectation that is expected at cigar shops; this comes with a certain, albeit often unspoken code of etiquette. This etiquette

allows for a man or woman to be able to enjoy a good cigar under a roof, sitting in a big comfortable chair -or wherever they please- to enjoy their cigar, free of extraneous distraction.  I have been able to see men and women with completely adversarial views on politics laugh and enjoy a good smoke.  I have witnessed Jews and Gentiles sharing a couch and a friendly conversation, whilst sitting across from a Muslim, all respecting the ceremony and the sanctity of enjoying a premium cigar at a cigar lounge.

Cigar Shops Create and Foster Relationships

Behavior that is free of prejudice or distrust has been a societal goal for a very long time in this country. This is something we strive to obtain, especially as Americans. Life outside of the cigar store is the application of the lessons we learn from our peer via interactions during the enjoyment of a premium cigar. With this said, we must be able to foster and teach the younger generations of people who have started frequenting cigar shops. Being able to foster younger people, and teach them lessons from our lives creates an experience that is unrivaled, which goes back to the initial theme: cigar shops create and foster relationships by providing asylum to those who enjoy such products. With such uncertainty in the future, these establishments should be protected, just as governments protect historic buildings, or old books written by great men.

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