La Antiguedad Robusto By My Father Blend info:

Origin : Nicaraguan

Filler : Nicaraguan

Binder : Nicaraguan

Wrapper : Habano Ecuador Rosado Oscuro



This cigar is the fine work of Don Pepin Garcia and My Father cigars. The Garcia is a legend in

the cigar world and their My Father Cigars factory has a reputation for turning out the finest

cigars around.

Cigar Review La Antiguedad by my father cigars
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First Impressions

This cigar is a work of art both in appearance and construction. The label has a gold outline with

LA ANTIGUEDAD printed in large gold tinted red letters and My Fathers Cigars in smaller letters.

There is a beautiful artist rendering in the center. To add to the appearance there is a red ribbon

surrounding the foot of the cigar. The cigar itself is very tightly rolled into a box-press

configuration with very few if any veins. It has consistent firmness throughout with a solid cap. I

am very impressed with the overall packaging. Pre-light the cigar has the smell of rich tobacco

with a slight smell of pepper.


After cutting the well-constructed cap my pre-light draw again provided a taste of fine tobacco

and earthy flavors with a hint of pepper. The first draw after lighting was probably the harshest

of the entire cigar and it was still very mild. The fine tobacco was obvious and the taste of

pepper complimented it very well. The construction of the cigar is again apparent in the ease of

lighting and the ease of the draw.


One Inch In

At this point the La Antiguedad taste is earthy and mild and the slight pepper taste is just the right addition.

After ruining several shirts just trying to see how far the ash would hold up I have come to the

conclusion that this is a question not worth the cost of addressing but the ash this cigar provides

is incredibly solid at this point (even maintaining the box-press shape).


One Third Point

I am amazed at how the construction of the cigar still impresses me. The burn is even, the draw

is excellent, and the mild taste is very consistent. The pepper has started to reside just slightly. I

am searching for an abundance of flavors but everything is just a hint of something. Earthy

tobacco, possibly a hint of coco and leather, but nothing that really stands out. That’s not being

critical of this cigar. The La Antiguedad is a great tasting mild cigar so far and the solid feel and the way it draws

tells me this is a quality cigar from every aspect.


Two Thirds Point

Now the pepper has started to come back slightly. The box-press shape is still holding out, the

burn is still consistent, and the mild taste is still very pleasant but the strength is picking up just

a smidge which is welcome. I am cooking ribs in the smoker while enjoying this cigar and I am

required every once in a while to leave the cigar sitting for a few minutes. The cigar maintains its

burn even if left unattended which again speaks for the construction.

Towards the end of the smoke the pepper does become more obvious but I never experienced

any harshness in the entire smoke. The La Antiguedad burn remained remarkably even and the box-press

shape, while relaxing a little towards the end, was present throughout.


In Summary

I think the La Antiguedad is a well-constructed solid burning mild cigar. The packaging is very impressive, the

consistency of the taste is exactly what you would want if you’re looking for a mild cigar for both

the experienced cigar smoker as well as the beginner.


As far as rating the cigar I am experiencing the same problem I always have. If you are looking

for a cigar with a full body robust taste then this cigar would probably rank as a good cigar. You

will appreciate the construction and enjoy the mild flavor but it probably won’t quite get you to

where you want to be. If you are looking for an enjoyable mild tasting cigar then you would

likely rate this as a very good cigar. It should have pretty much everything you are looking for.


After thoughts

While I know many people who enjoy a glass of wine with their cigar, I think a good cigar

deserves a good glass of whiskey. This cigar would allow you to choose your mood easily by

complimenting it with a whiskey that defines your direction of choice. If you are in a mellow

mood a glass of fine bourbon would go well with this cigar. The mildness would not overpower

the taste of the bourbon itself yet there’s enough taste coming out of the cigar to enjoy both

equally. If you were in a slightly more troublesome mood a glass of rye whiskey would be an

excellent companion to this cigar as the mildness of the cigar and the slight bitterness of the rye

would play “good cop bad cop” with your taste buds. In other words I think the mildness of this

cigar would go well with whatever your drink of choice.

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Review by Giles Dixon

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