Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos


Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo oscuro

Size: 5 x 50

Construction – Excellent construction. The cigar is tightly rolled with minimal veins. The cap is very solid and easy to cut.

Appearance – An artistic somewhat busy white label with gold lettering. Separate narrow white, red and gold band with Series JJ printed.

Easy Of Smoke – It has a solid draw throughout the smoke. Evenly burning with virtually no maintenance required. A solid ash.

Strength – A very mild cigar. It lightly touches on harsh towards the very end.

Desirability – A consistent even burning mild cigar. If your desire is for a mild cigar you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Rating – A well-constructed pleasantly mild cigar. A “Good” rating.

Labels and Strengths

Don Pepin Garcia cigars currently come in three different labels each with a strength rating. The Blue label is considered to be full bodied, the Black label is considered to be medium to full bodied, and the White label is also rated as medium to full body.  The one we are rating today is the White labeled Series JJ which I found to be milder than the rating implies. I am not usually a fan of mild cigars so keep that in mind as we go through this.


Don Pepin Garcia cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua and Miami factories. The Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos is manufactured in the Miami facility. It also comes with a Maduro flavor which is reported to be made in Nicaragua. The Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos was a combined effort of Don Pepin Garcia and his son Jamie.

First Impressions

The wrapper is a nice cinnamon brown and it has a pleasant tobacco taste. There is a light touch of pepper along with rich tobacco in the wrapper’s aroma.  The cap is very solid but easy to punch.  The pre-light draw resistance is just where it needs to be and the tobacco (and a hint of pepper) is perfect.  There is also just a hint of coco that makes it interesting.

Upon lighting the first draw provides a very mild tobacco flavor with just a little bit of pepper hiding in it.

One Third Point

The cigar is very mild at this point (tobacco and a smidge or pepper). The ash is solid and the burn is even. One thing that really amazed me at this point is how slow the cigar burns. This is obviously due to the solid construction.

Two Thirds Point

The cigar is still pleasantly mild with a little harshness becoming apparent which you can expect in a mild cigar. The slowness of the burn continues to bewilder me but it is still even and the cigar is still very solid.  The harshness never really overrides the tobacco taste even to the end.

In Summary Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos

In summary this is a solid professionally made mild cigar. It had a consistent pleasant woodsy tobacco taste with enough pepper to make its presence known but not overly obvious. I prefer smokes with more flavor or more punch and this cigar never came around to that. The presentation the cigar gives and the solid construction make this a cigar worth buying especially if mild to medium body is what you prefer.

After thoughts

This would be an excellent cigar for a beginner. It is easily maintained and the taste would make a good starting point.

Just like with most mild to medium cigars you could smoke this with just about any drink of your choice and feel comfortable that its taste would leave room for whatever flavor your beverage brings forth.

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