Origin: Honduras

Filler: Corojo

Binder: Corojo

Wrapper: Corojo

Overall Rating – This is a good cigar for the money especially if you are in the mood for a little bit of an adventure.

Camacho Brand History

If you ever get the chance spend some time researching the history of this cigar brand. It started with a few smuggled seeds out of Cuba and it has developed into a very good Medium-Full body cigar.

First Impressions

The construction of this cigar is not overly impressive. It is a little loosely rolled in comparison to the average cigar. The wrapper is covered with veins but tight. The cap is solid. The cigar is not sloppy by any means. It’s just the construction doesn’t stand out as being one of the cigar’s strong points. The label is a flashy red (probably a little larger than it needs to be) with Camacho in bold black print. Needless to say they didn’t blow their budget on the design of the label.  It gives you the impression that this is a layman’s cigar which is fine because I’m about as layman as they come.

The cap cuts very easily and holds together well after the cut. The cigar has a somewhat earthy smell and the rich tobacco fragrance is very obvious. The pre-light taste is one of strong excellent tobacco, a slight sweet taste and a hint of pepper (enough to tingle the lips slightly). The pre-light draw offers very little resistance (which speaks a little towards the construction) and the tobacco and pepper are again present.

Upon lighting the cigar immediately lets you know that this is going to be a somewhat bold cigar. The rich tobacco taste is ever-present and there is just the right amount of pepper to excite you. It is starting out to be a very pleasant little cigar. If I have one complaint at this stage it would be the obvious lack of resistance in the draw itself. It’s almost non-existent. About a half inch in the ash is solid but the somewhat loose packing of the tobacco and the lack of draw resistance keeps me from even testing the ash’s stability.

I try to select a cigar that I hope fits the atmosphere I am in when I have the opportunity to smoke it and at this time I am sitting in my “man cave” watching a NASCAR race. I am confident that I have chosen the perfect cigar for this occasion.

One Inch In

At this point the little bit of sweetness the cigar had initially has left and the pepper really starts to show itself. I am impressed with the way the tobacco and the pepper complement each other. It is just the right amount of boldness to keep you interested but not overwhelm you.

One Third Point

The cigar was easy to light initially and had an even burn up until just at the one-third point where it decided to take a strange tact for some reason. A simple correction with the lighter gets it back under control. The tobacco and pepper are still working in harmony and a thunder storm is rolling in which really seems fitting at this point.

Two Thirds Point

At this point the resistance actually started to increase a little which it really needed. The taste is still excellent. The cigar never started out with a solid feel to it but is hasn’t lost any of the firmness that it had initially. The ash has gotten feathery and a little hard to manage and the burn really has required a considerable amount if maintenance. I think this comes from the somewhat loose packing. The taste has been consistent but the pepper has gotten a little stronger throughout the smoke. All in all it has been an exciting smoke up to this point.

In Summary

Camacho cigars have a reputation for being slightly above medium strength and this one holds true to that rumor. It flirts with “bold” but doesn’t overpower you. The construction and packaging were not overly impressive but it is an enjoyable smoke which is what you look for in a cigar anyway. The lack of draw resistance makes it a little bit of a quick smoke but it might have just been the way this particular cigar was rolled. I would recommend this cigar to the experienced smoker but likely the beginner might find it a little more than they bargained for.

After thoughts

The strength of this cigar really deserves a full body stout beer, a bold red wine, or a strong whiskey like a rye. It needs something to compliment the cigar’s boldness and not fight it. All in all I was very pleased with this cigar and will definitely take this adventure again.

Review by Giles Dixon

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