AVO Syncro Nicaragua Toro


Origin: Dominican Republic

Filler: A blend of Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan Tobaccos

Binder: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuador

Size : 6 x 54

Overall Rating – This is a very good cigar in every aspect.

AVO Syncro The Blend

AVO has taken the sweet and somewhat spicy tobaccos from Nicaragua and blended them in with the mild creamy tobaccos of the Dominican Republic to make a smooth tasting cigar with exciting hints of flavor throughout the smoke.

AVO Syncro History

AVO cigars have a reputation for being exciting cigars and that can be attributed to their creator, Avo Uvezian, a jazz musician turned cigar composer and this cigar is truly a work of art. The blending of fine tobaccos comes across much like a smooth jazz medley. Mild points and strong points throughout.

First Impressions

The construction of this cigar is extremely impressive. The box pressed configuration (the first attempt at this by AVO in regular production) is very tightly constructed with just a slight amount of veins.

It has a very clean and yet professional band with the AVO insignia in white, silver and greenish gray lettering. Nicaragua appears in silver lettering in the red lower band of the label.

The wrapper has a very pleasant waxy tobacco taste and a somewhat earthy rich tobacco smell. The pre-light draw resistance is perfect with a mild sweet tobacco taste and just enough pepper to leave a little numbness to the lips.  The cap was very solid and easy to cut.

Upon lighting the first draw provides a very tasty mild tobacco flavor with a just a hint of spicy pepper. The pepper becomes a little more present when I exhale.

First impression in that the cigar is going to be somewhat mild yet tasty cigar. The box press design and the solid construction make the cigar a real pleasure to hold.

One Third Point

The cigar is maintaining its excellent spicy tobacco taste and the pepper has receded just a little. The cigar is still impressively solid with the box shape relaxing right at the burn point.  The gray white ash is very maintainable and comes off in tight bricks.

Two Thirds Point

At this point there is still an excellent smoke with just a smidge of bitterness developing but nothing offensive. The box pressed shape is still solid with no sponginess at all. The burn has been very even up to this point and the ash is still brick solid. It is still a very good cigar at this point.

In Summary

In summary this is a great tasting somewhat medium strength cigar with such solid construction that you feel very comfortable smoking it. The burn was excellent from start to finish. It maintained its full body taste throughout the smoke. You know when you first examine it that it is somewhat in a class by itself and when you’re smoking it you know you were right. Easily one of the best cigars I’ve had the pleasure of smoking in a while.

AVO Syncro After thoughts

The cigar itself creates a pleasant rich yet mild inoffensive cigar smell that fills the area around me as I smoke it unlike some cigars that give off the scent of burning a slab off the outhouse.

This would be an excellent cigar to enjoy with a glass of fine red wine or expensive mild bourbon. The strength of the cigar wouldn’t walk over the liquor’s distinctive flavors and heck, when you feel like you’re smoking one of the best you might as well accompany it with something equally as classy.

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