Cigar Review of AVO Heritage

My partners and I have talked quite a bit about AVO cigars lately and in particular the Heritage. So I decided to stop by the cigar shop to see if they could oblige and sure enough there sat one lonely AVO Heritage Toro. It was gonna be a good night.

So I got home from football practice and as is turning out to be tradition I grabbed my cigar, cigar chair, lighter turned off the lights in the garage cut the first cap and started toasting.

The first thing you notice about the cigar is just how heavy it is. As Ron Burgundy would say “its formidable”. The wrapper is a bit rustic, it’s a tad bumpy in places but it’s beautifully oily and exceptionally well made. I expected nothing less from a Davidoff product.

The cold draw is slightly sweet with a tobacco and a raisin undertone

Upon the first real draw you get a nuttiness and charred oak flavor and you pick up that raisin undertone. The smoke output is fairly low and the draw is pretty firm. Very quickly, within the first inch or so the smoke turns musty, not unpleasant but different. The raisin undertone continues and the finish is short and clean.

I have to mention that the burn is razor sharp. No touch ups, no uneven burn. After the first ash, which was about 1.5”, the cherry was bright and tight. As the stick progressed into the second 1/3rd the draw opens up and the smoke volume cranks up quite a few notches. The mustiness drops off completely and some light spiciness appears along with some creaminess. When I say spiciness I don’t mean pepper I mean clove, cinnamon etc.

At about the half way point the cigar transitions to a very mellow woodsy cedar with some mild spiciness. The retrohale brings more spice to the surface but not a ton and it’s rather mild actually one of the milder retrohales I’ve experienced. There is very little change from the half way point to the nub.

This is a strange cigar for me to review because I’m not usually a fan of real woodsy cigars. I also like full flavor and this cigar sits firmly in the medium spectrum. However, at the halfway point, I was sitting in my garage, the breeze was blowing the trees and I found myself enjoying it so much I didn’t want it to end. It’s a superbly made mellow cigar that I enjoyed the hell out of.

Would I smoke the AVO Heritage everyday? Heck yes, it’s finish is short and the build is great and it’s so mellow it won’t stay with you for very long. It’s also not a nicotine bomb either.

I personally prefer a bolder flavored cigar but I would give this cigar a solid 88 on a 100-point scale.

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