Rating Systems

If you are a novice cigar smoker who wants to make sure he knows the right cigar to buy (or at least what not to buy), or an experienced cigar smoker who wants to try something new, a great thing to do is to check out some cigar ratings.

As with any other ratings system, most cigar ratings systems are on a one to ten scale.  Cigar ratings usually rate a cigar based on categories like appearance, construction, and flavor while also giving a score based on overall value given what you pay and what you get.

It is important to note that given the way cigar ratings are scored, it is possible to have two very distinct cigars with the same score.  Because there is no such thing as the perfect cigar for all people on all occasions, you must use your judgment when deciding which of the cigars suits you.

Professional Opinion Cigar Ratings

There are two basic types of cigar ratings systems.  The first is the professional opinion. In this category we have resources like Cigar

Aficionado.  Cigar Aficionado and other similar publications have employees who are responsible for trying cigars and giving them cigar ratings.

These smokers are hired based on their long history of smoking cigars combined with their ability to access all their senses associated with the cigar smoke and compile those in a clear and convincing way with their cigar ratings.  The benefit of these types of cigar ratings is that you know you are hearing from an expert smoker.

You can also get a good feel for what they value by viewing and comparing what they have rated in the past and how that compares to what you thought about one cigar or another.  They are also often the best resource for new cigar ratings of new cigars because they may get sent samples from the manufacturer in order to get them to publish an opinion or their employer will provide them with the newest products so they don’t have to take a risk when trying a new cigar.

Community Cigar Ratings

The second is a collection of cigar ratings or a community cigar ratings system.  This cigar ratings system is more like a message board where smokers can come and post their own cigar ratings.

This is great for determining the cigars that have the widest appeal.  These cigar ratings are less susceptible to bias because the smokers have no reason to be anything but honest with their assessments of different cigars.  It also gives you an opportunity to be a part of the conversation and add your own cigar ratings.  puff.com and cigarreviews.com are good examples.

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