Today there are many companies producing a cigar lighter in their portfolio. Top cigar lighter producers include Davidoff, Xikar, Colibri, Prometheus and ST Dupont.

Also, there are close to 1000 different companies producing inexpensive cigar lighters in China. The $15 and under price range defines the cheap cigar lighter category. Cheap cigar lighters are handy to have around for convenience or to not worry about losing. They generally work well but can be inconsistent and often have no warranty if there is a problem.

Super Premium Cigar Lighters

Davidoff Prestige lighters ($700-$1400)

Cigar lighters from Davidoff offer the highest level of technology developed from years of lighter manufacturing experience. These lighters are functional and brilliantly designed with classic style.  The Prestige line offers a special burner designed with two opposing gas streams, which produces a fan like flame. This ensures a nice clean even light every time. The prestige lighters from Davidoff are truly some of the nicest lighters produced. Finishes available include Chinese lacquer, silver plate, and gold plate. For those looking for the best and that will last a lifetime the Prestige line is it.

ST Dupont Maxijet ($200)

ST Dupont produces a wide variety of lighters in the mid to high-end price range. The maxijet line is ST’s entry level lighter. Simple clean lines define this line. They are available in a wide variety of beautiful colors. These lighters are incredibly durable. A friend left his Maxijet outside of the shop for two weeks in the dirt and rain. It still works flawlessly. The finish on the maxijet is scratch resistant and very durable. The finish will rarely if ever wear off.

Premium Cigar Lighters

Xikar EX ($59.99)

A durable casing protects a powerful and reliable windproof flame in the EX lighter. The EX series from Xikar is always a top selling cigar lighter. It features the best windproof flame on the market today. All Xikar products come with a lifetime warranty and can be returned for any reason.

Colibri Empire (69.00)

The Empire series from Colibri is a great cigar lighter line. It features a single wind resistant jet flame with fuel level window and push button ignition. The sleek design of the Empire line is what really sets it apart from other cigar lighters. Clean lines and bright colors complement this strong torch cigar lighter.

Prometheus Ultimo X II ($79.95)

The Ultimo is a beautiful triple flame cigar lighter from Prometheus. It features a jet turbo triple torch wind resistant flame with a built in punch cutter. The angled torches come to a point to allow for a precise light every time. The black lacquer finish is extremely durable.

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