Make Cigar Events Your Guys Night Out

Hopefully most of you all reading this have a brick-and-mortar cigar shop you all visit regularly to buy your sticks. If not, I would suggest you

Sometimes you get to meet "the Man".
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Sometimes you get to meet “the Man”.

look for one. Although there is nothing wrong with buying from an on-line smoke shop, having a local favorite that you can visit on regular occasions is a fabulous place to spend some time with just the guys.

One of the things I look forward to the most at my usual tobacco store are the cigar events that are hosted there throughout the year. Most recently we had a Davidoff dinner. Let me give you quick rundown of the evening.

Davidoff Hosted Dinner

When you first arrive at the store you check in with a store representative and they give you a wristband because you prepaid for the event. The cigar rep was hanging around the front door and distributing the cigars of choice for the evening once check-in was completed.

From there, we moved further in to the store to the wine and bourbon bar with some appetizers to get everyone started off right. Having been to this event several years in a row, I was pleasantly surprised to see the addition of bourbon to the bar. Most people by this point had lit up their initial cigar. There’s nothing that frees up people’s inhibitions like alcohol and a mutual fondness for cigars. Within a few minutes strangers were comfortably chatting it up with one another, which was a good thing because the dinner did not start until an hour and a half after the event got kicked off. I have to imagine this was done by design to get regulars that don’t typically see each other a little more familiar with one another.

After a while we moved out to the patio of the store where we would be having our dinner. In years past restaurants have catered this dinner but for this year, and the previous year, the store hired a chef to cook onsite. Aside from it being delicious, this allowed time for the cigar rep to address the crowd as a whole, in one place, to go in to detail about the cigars we had been given and more about their product as a whole. Naturally, the night was capped off with more wine and some dessert.

Cigar Reps Like To Get a Pulse On Their Brand

There are many ways a store can host a cigar event. It is always nice to have a cigar rep come to your favorite store to tell you more about

their product but it is nice to change up the format a little bit. The customers love it and I would be willing to bet the reps love having a little break from their traditional visit to really have a more memorable event that ties their company’s name to a memorable evening. Plus, when you get customers loosened up with wine or bourbon, sales are easier to come by. Or so I am guessing.

All in all, everyone wins. If your cigar store does not do something similar to this, then maybe you should speak with them and volunteer to help coordinate it. Who knows, maybe you will get some free stuff out of it whether you coordinate something like this or attend.

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