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Cigars are handmade products so from time to time, it gives a tough draw. Nat Sherman’s Timeless Dominican however burned great and is always a popular favorite. Davidoff has also been doing very well with their new releases like the Davidoff Escurio which is a great cigar for under $20 and the AVO Syncro which came out of Davidoff’s Geneva factory. The Vega Fina Nicaragua is an all Nicaraguan cigar with a Habano wrapper at $6. The Vega Fina original blend is big in Europe. The top-selling Perdomo Champagne Noir utilizes a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper that’s been aged for nearly 2 years that give a full-flavored but very well-balanced profile. Different cigar wrappers tend to influence the flavor profiles and what filler tobacco gets put into a cigar.

Listen to the podcast here:

Cigar Cafe Radio Vega Fina Nicaragua | Asylum 13 Ogre | Perdomo | AVO

I’m Lane, hanging out with Sean and Harris. What’s up?

I’m firing up a cigar right now. I’m ready to go.

How have you been?

We did some videos. I had some internet problems and so Harris and I improvised. I did a video on how to light a cigar and how to cut a cigar in the opposite order.

We need to think of what will be next after that.

I have a face for radio. I have to limit my video exposure.

You may break a camera or two along the way. Maybe going over the different types of tobaccos would be good, different types and different wrapper of some cigars that have signature flavors that people can pick up. When you talk about a Nicaraguan, they don’t want to always taste just like the flavor profile that we know and love. There can be a blending of some other flavors. Maybe take a solid Nicaraguan that is definitive of that flavor profile and do a series of those.

That would be good. That would be pretty interesting.

Gary and I were talking about different cigar wrappers. How wrapper tends to influence what filler tobacco that gets put into a cigar and how are flavor profiles are little Sumatra and Maduro and Cameroon. That’d be fun and informative episode.

The reason I say that is because my father’s one of those guys that says a cigar just tastes like smoke. He’s been a cigar smoker for a long time, but he’s married to one cigar and I had gotten him into other cigars, like he loves the Undercrown. He’s like, “I’m going to buy a box of Undercrowns.” He’s a Montesino guy. Arturo Fuente cigar. He gave me one and after a thirteen-hour day, I didn’t care how cold it was outside. I was like, “I’m going out there to have a cigar. I’ll freeze my ass off.” I didn’t care.

I decided to take his Montesino out and give it a run. It’s interesting that he says that a cigar tastes smoke because the one cigar that he chooses that he likes has an oaky flavor to it. It’s got a nice upfront cocoa, deep chocolate cocoa flavor, a little bit of nuttiness. It turns into an oaky finish. If you’re smoking cigars that have a woodsy finish to them, you are going to get that smoky finished, which I particularly don’t love. The cigar is a nice medium bodied cigar, a little bit of spice. It wouldn’t be my choice, but that a series on showing people, “This is an oaky-type of woodsy cigar and this is why it is. These are the tobacco is that are in it. This is a barrel-aged cigar; this is a Cameroon. Here are its profiles and here’s what they taste like.” That’d be really interesting to do.

There are so many different categories of cigars that have those different characteristics, so it will be interesting to target those, what are the different types. Some of those guys who have been smoking cigars forever, like your dad, probably back in the day when he started smoking cigars, a lot of them did taste the same. You didn’t have quite the variety that you do now.

We live in very favorable cigar times.

There’s no doubt. He used to go to a cigar manufacturer in downtown Chicago and he bought the same cigars. They made those cigars. They made them there. He smoked cigars all the time and then he moved to his 8-5-8 Maduros and the Montesinos. He hasn’t smoked much else other than when I give him a few and say, “Try this out,” but you’re right. They probably did all tastes the same or near the same.

I remember when my granddad used to smoke cigars and it was back in the days when your premium hand rolled cigars came in paper boxes. I still remember seeing those boxes around his house. My sister has badgered him into quitting cigar smoking and now I smoke them. He bonds with me on it, but my granddad is in better shape than I am and has beaten cancer five years ago. He’s a freaking tank.

What are you guys smoking? Lane, you had a Perdomo. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about them?

I’m smoking a rerelease of an old cigar Perdomo used to do. It’s called La Tradicion Cabinet Series Perdomo Reserve. They made it in a couple of wrappers. They had a Cameroon, they had a Maduro. I think they may have also had a Habano. This one’s the Cameroon. They make it one size. It’s a little petite corona. It’s 4.5×46 ring gauge. The construction’s good. It’s got a little more strength than I’ve come to expect out of Cameroon’s. I was surprised by that, but that falls into cigars I like. This one’s a little woody, a little earthy, maybe a little undertone of sweetness and it’s a good cigar.

Definitely different than the champagne?

Very different. It doesn’t have any of that cocoa. I want to say that other than the African Cameroon wrapper, this was a Honduran on the inside.

CCP Vega Fina Nicaragua | Vega Fina Nicaragua
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Vega Fina Nicaragua: A cigar just tastes like smoke.

Harris, what do you got going on there? What’s your cigar of choice?

I’m smoking the VegaFina Nicaragua in the corona size. It’s about a 5×48, right around in there. Most people will know VegaFina from being super mild. The regular VegaFina cigars are really big in Europe. That’s where they sell most of their cigars. The Nicaragua came out about a year ago and it’s a nice Nicaraguan cigar. This is an under $6 cigar. Great value cigar and have some nice floral notes that’s like Padron Nicaraguan cigars have a lot of that. Definitely picking up a little bit of that. I looked that up, but it’s a Nicaraguan puro, wrapper binder, filler all from Nicaragua. It’s one of my favorite less expensive cigars.

Did it just come in? Is it a new cigar? Is it an older one? Where is it as far as its release?

It’s not new. It came out one to two years ago and we’ve had them for about a year in the store. I picked it because it’s one I’ve smoked from time-to-time. I feel like a lot of times, we smoke the higher end cigars and your more expensive cigars, but thought it would be good to feature one I liked a lot that’s in that sub $6 range.

That’s where the Montesino is. It’s $5.

That’s what you smoked, isn’t it?

For sure the construction on the Montesino is not up to what we’ve smoked. The wrapper’s a little toothy, a little lumpy. It burned well. Took about maybe an inch to kick up the smoke volume. It was acting a little weird, a little funky to start, but good everyday smoke. I can see where people smoke it. Certainly, the packaging on the higher end cigars you can tell that it’s the real deal.

That’s one thing with Montesino. They’re in the Fuente family of brands. It’s one of Fuente’s brands and they haven’t done an update of the packaging in probably the last ten, fifteen or twenty years.

I bet you it’s twenty. That cigar didn’t look any different than my dad smoking it in the early ‘90s.

This is using an older Perdomo band, isn’t it?

Yeah. That’s the original band from when they were producing the different sizes.

They stopped making them in 2008, 2009 or something like that. Jeanine has been pushing them lately. This was the last of the tobacco, so they’ve only made it in this one size. This is an easy 45-minute stick.

You know what I did try though that was pretty cool? I had the Asylum 13 Ogre. It’s been sitting in the humidor for a little while. It’s got the barber pole rapper. It was a Lancero that I had and a nice cigar. I don’t think people talk about it very much, but it certainly is an eye catcher and really nice. I was surprised by how good it was.

That was a TAA release, wasn’t it?

I don’t think so.

It is a special release though because I’m pretty sure that Lancero is not a regular production. I can’t remember if it was an event cigar or if it was just one they did a limited release of.

It was one of those things where how you light one up and not expecting a whole lot from it. I love Asylum, so it’s nothing against that. It’s just it’s a gimmick cigar. It’s like the Black Market Filthy Hooligan. I don’t expect it. It’s a gimmick at St. Patty’s Day and I didn’t expect a ton from it, but I sat back in my chair and I was like, “This is pretty damn good. I like it.” Other Lanceros that I’ve smoked, I liked them. They are very different. They burn cool. I dig them. What do you guys think about that size? I don’t like the way the Lancero feels because it feels fruity to me having that long cigar. I feel like a fruitcake but as far as the taste, I like them.

Most people consider the Lancero size to be people who are in the cigars like that size, but your vast majority of people don’t love it.

They want a bigger ring gauge. They want a shorter, fatter stick.

It’s your cigar geek size.

How was the draw on that Lancero?

It was fine. Perfect. I did open it up pretty wide. I looked at the cap and clipped it right before the cap. I don’t like a hard draw and it will make me throw a cigar out. I threw the Joya Red out because of how hard it was to draw. I’ve talked to some people on Twitter, Joya got back to me on Twitter and said, “That’s not indicative of that smoke. You shouldn’t have a tough draw and that smoke.” It was so bad. I threw it out.

One thing to remember is handmade products, so occasionally it happens. Pretty rare, but it does happen.

I don’t blame them for it. The taste on it, it was a wonderful cigar. It was hurting me to smoke it, so I went, “I’m not going to tough it out.” I went back inside and I’ve got a Drew Estate Undercrown Shade and promote that because I only smoked maybe an eighth of an inch on the damn thing. It wasn’t a tough draw at all. Do Lanceros usually draw rough?

I feel like sometimes because of the small ring gauge and the length that if you don’t open them up right, they tend to draw a little harder.

Do they also tend to tar up at the end too?

I don’t know that I’ve noticed that before.

I could see where that might start to happen just because small reengage. You generally probably aren’t able to smoke them down as far as some of the other cigars, but in the draw, sometimes you get a tighter draw if it was just a smaller size, but it varies for the ones I’ve tried.

I had a pretty cool weekend. My high school Alma Mater, Mount Carmel High School had a wrestling fundraisers/reunion at a south side bar that is owned by a Carmel Grad and he has got an outdoor smoking patio, so they’ve got a huge beer garden. It’s one of the most famous beer garden on the South side and he sections some of that off and heats it, so people can go out there and smoke. I brought my bag with me and I probably had $150 worth of cigars with me and a bunch of us went out and smoked.

I gave a buddy an Asylum 33. I gave another friend of mine that wants to get into smoking cigars. He’s like, “Sean, what would you smoke?” I bought him a Drew Estate Java. I said, “This is what I started on. I think you’ll like it because it smells good. It burns fragrant, so you’re not going to be defended by the smoke.” I smoked a Timeless, which was one of my favorites. That is an everyday smoke for me.

That is the best $8 cigar I can think of.

Was it the Nicaraguan or the Dominican?

The Dominican. I’ve smoked in both. They’re both fantastic. There’s nothing I can say that’s bad about them. You know you’ve had some construction issues on a couple of yours, Lane. Mine burned perfectly. It was fine but I had probably twelve guys outside. I gave away my Montecristo No.2 Cuban to a customer of mine and he was there representing. I decided to give that bad dog away. I will procure another one for myself in the next month, but it was a lot of fun. We had a great time. When you’re in a city and it’s twenty degrees outside and someone’s got to 55 degrees, 60-degree heated smoking area. It’s the shit, believe me.

CCP Vega Fina Nicaragua | Vega Fina Nicaragua
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Vega Fina Nicaragua: AVO Syncro is getting some really good pub.

It was 34 degrees as the high here the other day and I went up and lit up and AVO Syncro and hopped in the hot tub.

That Syncro is getting some really good pub.

It’s one of my recent favorite cigars too. I’ve got that $100 gift card and I’ve got two each of five different cigars. Three of them were new, but two of them were that Syncro and a Nat Sherman Timeless.

Harris, what do you think you’d feel about the AVO Syncro? A lot of people think that it’s a return to some real flavor to. I’ve heard people say other than their limited edition, a real flavor, like a powerhouse flavor.

It’s one of the first new releases since Davidoff totally revamped AVO. They rebrand the packaging, did a big overhaul of it. I believe the Syncro outside of the limited edition is the first new one. I agree. It’s, to me, by far the best regular production AVO. It’s got a huge amount of buzz and press. People were asking for it every day before it came in.

Not just AVO. Davidoff with their Nicaraguan, with the Escurio. They came up with some cigars that were different from their traditional lines.

There’s no doubt they’re firing on all cylinders and coming out with unique new blends that no one else is doing.

I didn’t smoke a lot of Davidoff. I smoked them early on as my special treat cigar, but I’m knocked off of them for years. Last year was a good year for them.

I agree. I had the Nicaraguan. I’ve had many Escurios and both of them are very good. They’re in my top ten list. I like them both. The Escurio, I like its unique profile. It’s so bizarre and so different that I love it. What is the Syncro’s price point? I don’t see shit around here because every place sucks, so what the price point?

It’s under $10 for sure.

You’ve got a Robusto, Toro, 60 ring gauge.

I’ve either smoked the Robustos or the short Robustos.

$8 to$10 range. Maybe the 60 is $9.99.

It’s definitely an affordable cigar. It’s priced at a point that makes sense.

That’s one thing when Davidoff revamped all of the AVO, they did drop the prices on a lot of the blends. They did a whole realignment of it. It’s been great to see them pushing the cigar industry forward in the last couple of years because before that, they weren’t doing anything special, just their normal stuff and now, they’re focused on, “We’re going to be unique. We’re going to be pushing the envelope of what’s out there.”

Harris, don’t you think they’ve had to though? Isn’t that a necessity for them? Before I started smoking cigars for real, Davidoff, to me, was I always thought of it as a premium brand, but more than that, I thought of it as an old man brand.

Most of them historically have been fairly mild palatable cigars. You’ll get a sleeper here and there, but the last couple of years, they’ve introduced spice into their cigars and they’re more interesting for sure.

They’re based in Switzerland, so in the past, they were bringing everything over from there, doing the same thing here that they do in Europe. They brought in two or three years ago a new CEO for the US market and basically decided they were going to operate the US market completely independently. They were going to let them do their thing. Ever since then, that’s when all that started. It was right when they totally change the way they wanted to do things.

I don’t know what their sales are, but I can tell you that from smoking a bunch of them in the last year, I agree with you. They’re definitely moving in the right direction. Their stuff is outstanding, and it would be a go-to for me even at $18 a cigar. It’s something that I’ll probably always have in the humidor. I’ll have one or two of them in there all the time.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where I didn’t like smoking a Davidoff. At that $18 to $20 price point, there were other cigars that I like better. The Padron 1926 is a fantastic cigar. Depending on where you are, sometime somewhere between $17 and $22. I don’t think the older Davidoff lines hung in there with that.

I agree with you and you’ve seen over the last two years, they’ve started to weed out some of those higher price cigars too and either bring back new sizes or new blends all under that $20 mark and a lot of under $15. It seems to be their goal. They want to get away from that $25 range.

That’s one of the things that Garrett, the local rep here for Davidoff, tried to impress on us back somewhere around the Escurio Nights event where the median price of premium hand rolled cigars has crept up over the last five or six years. Davidoff has been the beneficiary of that happening because their prices haven’t increased, and as other brands have crept up, the perceived gap in pricing seems like less.

It certainly does. When we first started the show, I was afraid to go to that level, but as I see the pricing coming out, it’s not much different than buying a Camacho barrel-aged. The price difference is not very much. It’s only a couple bucks. A barrel-aged is $13, $12 to $13 depending on where you are, and a Davidoff is $18, $17. If you’re looking to jump up in perceived quality, the jump is not that great.

I was at a Davidoff dinner in New Orleans this past year. They do it once a year at the trade show and they were talking about how their sales were up across the board like 20% to 30%. It was some huge number, especially for basically a big company. They are killing it right now.

Then obviously, their stuff is working now. You said that they operate the United States independently. Do they also blend independently? Is the Escurio just the United States? Is the Nicaraguan just the United States?

No, but they were made for the US market. They were driven by that.

CCP Vega Fina Nicaragua | Vega Fina Nicaragua
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Vega Fina Nicaragua: European market a lot of times tends to be a lot milder.

Is that because they’re acknowledging that European cigar smokers and North American cigar smokers tend to like different things?

Exactly. European market a lot of times tends to be a lot milder. It’s been changing in the last couple of years though. They’re more interested in the Nicaraguan cigars and all of that. All the changes were driven by the US market and now they’re selling those blends internationally too.

Do you think that’s a symptom of the US’ current trade embargo with Cuba? In Europe, they don’t have to deal with that and there’s the perceived notion that the best cigars are Cubans and if Europeans have access to those and have always had access to those, you think that drives their taste patterns in a different direction than the US has not having access to this?

I think so. Also, same way with sizes. You never see 70, 80 ring gauge cigars and in Europe.

I don’t smoke them here either.

In the US, that’s one of the big things, 60, 70 plus ring gauges.

That’s all dick swinging and pardon my use, but you know that that’s what that is. Just having a big fat cigar, that’s a first world problem.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I think that’s some of it, but a lot of the guys I’ve talked to it’s a value thing too because the 70 ring gauge cigars, you can smoke those for two or three hours. They’re smoking one of those instead of two other cigars, so they feel like they’re saving money too. I heard a lot of people say that.

That’s splitting hairs to me.

That doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve smoked some six-inch cigars that have taken me an hour and 45 minutes because they are slow burners.

José Blanco, he’ll sit down and tell you, “The minimum amount of time you need to commit to a Robusto is 45 minutes.” I don’t know when the last time I smoked a Robusto that only took 45 minutes or less. I’m going to sit down, I’m going to light it, I’m not going to rush through it. If a Robusto takes me an hour and fifteen minutes, I probably had that hour and fifteen minutes.

I’ve got a cigar in my humidor that I think is a two hour plus cigar. Perdomo is big. Harris, you sent me that one. That suckers a commitment, the Champaign Noir.

That’s a pretty good cigar. That’s what my wife looks to smoke when she has a cigar and I’ve smoked about a thousand of them.

You love that one. That’s one of your favorites.

I’ve smoked about a thousand of that cigar.

I’m not going to touch it until I have time and it’s above 36 degrees in the garage. I go out there with good intentions and after about 40 minutes I’m like, “Fuck, is it cold out here.”

My wife has a cousin who moved to Wisconsin. She said that she got to her fiancé’s house and that it was like 55 degrees here the day that she left, and it was zero when she got there with the twenty below wind chill.

That’s a rough goal. I guess it’s not all bad but I like to have two or three a week and I can’t do it. I even told my buddy, the bar owner, I’m like, “Now that I know you have this, I may just come down there to smoke a cigar once a week.”

That is nice to have something like that. I don’t even know anywhere Birmingham like that.

Did you tell him that he has to keep non-alcoholic beer in stock for you?

He does. He got it there anyway. I told him and he got the beer that I liked, Krombacher. He had it for me when I was there and he’s an old friend. We’ve been wrestling together since we were ten years old. They have modular walls that they build off of two bars in there and it’s got heavy plastic and they’ve got two 50-inch TVs. If it’s crowded out there, they’ll bring a bartender on. If not, they don’t, but it was great. It was an awesome place.

Somewhere that I can think of that has a good outdoor area that you could probably smoke a cigar at Avondale Brewery here in town. They have a huge outdoor area with a stage from bands and then a separate bar too. That would be a place locally that I think we can probably go and light up.

Lane, are you still Alabama hung over or have you come off of cloud nine? I know there’s no other football there in Alabama, so are you okay now?

With four and a half minutes left in that National Championship game, I took a deep breath and realized that I had not had a stroke.

It’s one of the best National Championships I’ve seen. It was good. Clemson came to play. Their defensive line flat out brought it.

They have pressure on Coker the whole game. That last Clemson possession, Deshaun Watson willed that ball into the end zone.

He is a bad ass and him coming back next year, that is the best player in the country coming back.

They are definitely predicted to be a preseason number one next season.

They’ve got eighteen players returning.

I don’t want to play them again.

It’s unfortunate that Auburn that we played the first game of the season next year.

That is unfortunate. So much goes into how you perceive that eighteen returning starters coming back because I’ve seen that happen. Oklahoma’s had that happen a couple times the last ten years and they’ve sucked. I shouldn’t say they suck, but I’m talking they’re not in the hunt. At these top schools, you see it at Alabama all the time. You see it with Notre Dame. Who in the hell thought DeShone Kizer would be as good as he was as a freshman in replacement of Malik Zaire? How many freshmen did they have at Alabama that blew your socks off? The defensive back was a stud. You’ve got these guys that are ball players and they don’t care whether they’re freshmen or seniors. There’s going to be a team that doesn’t care that Clemson has eighteen returning starters, I guarantee you, and Alabama’s one of them.

Alabama fans care about players and whatnot, but we do not want to play Clemson next year.

CCP Vega Fina Nicaragua | Vega Fina Nicaragua
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Vega Fina Nicaragua: Alabama fans care about players and whatnot.

Hopefully, you play them in the title game.

Harris brought up that Auburn opens with Clemson. Will they close their season with Bama? They’re the only team in the NCAA that plays, both of the teams that were in this year’s National Championship game.

What’s that to do with your strength schedule?

It will be off the charts.

What Auburn’s got going for them this coming season is that Gus Malzahn knows that he’s in a pressure cooker. I bet he does not take a day off.

I know he’s planning to bring in a couple of junior college transfer quarterbacks. He’s good in that situation.

Some of these coaches, when they get desperate, they bring in the Junior College transfers. If you can deal with the academics, if you can get them straight, they usually help.

Look at recent SEC junior college transfers. You had Cam Newton, you’ve got Chad Kelly at Ole Miss and both of them played lights out football basically all year long. Ole Miss was a play away from the SEC championship game.

I did go to one year of junior college after I went to Iowa. I have to tell you that I had a ton of friends that played junior college football and just like wrestling, it’s a hair under FCS Ball. When I was at Harper, I had eight or nine D1 players that ended up playing D1 football the year after they played at Harper. Those kids are the ones that have the grades to go to Division Two or to go to Division One, so they stay there for two years, get their grades up, and then they move on.

It’s great football, so these kids are playing against great competition. It was lights out. Our defensive end went to ball state. You had a kid that transferred from a Max School back to junior college for a year. It was just loaded with talent. What do you guys think of the championship games this weekend? Any thoughts on it?

I can’t believe Tom Brady’s in it again.

You can’t believe it? He’s automatic.

The Patriots, they’re always on the hunt and as a Cowboys fan, it’s demoralizing to watch.

You’re in the same boat being an Alabama fan. I’m not a big Patriots fan. Tom Brady came from Michigan. I hate Michigan, so I appreciate the excellence that they’ve taken that team to the culture there. Tom Brady is winning with white wide receivers. He defied ten white guys. It’s insane that they just expect to win, and I appreciate that. As much as I appreciate how Alabama plays football, I really do, I can’t hate them, but I can hate Green Bay and I’m certainly thankful that they’re gone. I wanted to see a tear roll down Aaron Rodgers face after the game because I went, “You’re another year older, you’re another year away from getting the hell out of the NFL.” Good riddance.

I was watching that game and when it went to overtime, I was just like, “What we’re about to see Aaron Rodgers do is discount double check.”

I’ve got a buddy of mine that’s such an annoying Green Bay fan. He is obnoxious. Every single time there’s a Green Bay game, he has “Go, Pac, Go” on his Facebook account with a picture of Aaron Rodgers and I ride them like a circus company when they lose. I put “Go, Pac, Go” after the game. I just ride them hard because he’s so obnoxious during the season. Who are you rooting for?

I don’t have a dog in the fight, so I’ll watch it but it will be for love of the game and not for love anybody playing in the game.

I’m mainly interested to see what scandal comes out associated with the Patriots this year. I feel like they’ve always got something.

This is the tough one for me. I think Cam Newton has had a magical year. It’s just a stud, but I also love Palmer and Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald. I’d like to see those guys in the Super Bowl. The Cardinals are on the downside of things. Without Carson Palmer, they do have a good defense but on the AFC side, you’ve got the old guard. The Broncos and the Patriots are always in that spot. I don’t know who I’d like to see. I’m like you, I’m in it for the love of the game. I hope it’s a good game. That’s about all I can hope for.

I mainly want to see Cam Newton. I’m an Auburn guy. I’m a big fan of his.

I can be okay with that. He’s had an amazing run this season going 14-0. Losing the Falcons sucked but he’s gotten a lot of good press with throwing game balls to kids and stuff like that. The NFL’s pining him for it. He keeps doing it. This many years out, I can’t hate Cam Newton much anymore.

I thought he was a phenomenal talent coming out of college. I wasn’t sure that he would figure the game out, much like I wasn’t sure if Robert Griffith would have figured the game out. I thought Cam Newton had a lot more intangibles than that but having such a great first year and then having that sophomore slump, and then rededicating themselves to the game and refocusing on the game, I love what he’s done with his career. I have no qualms with him. He plays the game with passion and does he do a little bit of dancing? Not enough for me to not like them. He’s flashy enough to like him for his passion and not enough to go, “Here he goes again.”

It’s not too annoying.

At the level where he’s playing, it is cool to see a player who still gets excited about the game. That’s one of the things that a lot of college football fans turn their nose up at where the players were there because it’s their job and this is what they do, and they look at it that way. Cam Newton, he approaches it like it’s a game that’s fun and you can see that it’s still tossing the ball around in the backyard.

Someone like a Clay Matthews drives me insane. I want to grab his hair if I could grab his hair because he’s 250 pounds of muscle. If I could grab his hair and cut his hair off, I would. I drag them and cut his hair right off.

You think we can get them on the show? Get him to come up and sit with you?

This is his deal. I don’t think he’s cutting his hair off or anybody. I’ve got kids around the neighborhood that played football for another competing team that walked around with hair just like Clay Matthews. My son wouldn’t even think to ask me to grow his hair off because he knows that I’d go, “No.”

Harris, do you know what Sean told me about football? David Draiman and the drummer from Disturbed are opposing coaches for the pee-wee team that he coaches. They’re playing two shows down here this year.

There are four divisions in our league. There are super lights, which is like seven and eight-year-olds. Lightweights is basically fourth and fifth graders. Then you’ve got JV that’s sixth and seventh graders. Then you’ve got varsity. That’s eighth grade. They coach their sons. They’re little guys for super light, so they’re at the youngest level, but they won the Super Bowl this year. They’re very good coaches. They can jam, and they can also coach, but it’s cool because people take pictures with them at the end of the games. Everyone’s taking pictures with them. They’re very cool about it.

He told me this, “I knew that they were from South Chicago.” I was like, “I didn’t see them coaching youth football.”

They’re all tatted up. They’re wearing baseball hats. One guy has long hair, the other one doesn’t, but they keep it under a baseball hat and they look pretty unassuming. As soon as it gets cold out and we’re in long sleeves, you can’t see them all tatted up, but during the summer months they’re rocking their tattoos. I’m about ready to rock and roll. Are there any new cigars that are coming out, Harris, that you want to tell people about? Is there anything new and exciting? I know we’re far away from the IPCPR, so most of those cigars have already hit the market, but anything new?

It’s relatively quiet time for the IPCPR, but probably the most interesting new thing that’s been shipping lately is the Eiroa First 20 Years.

That’s such a good cigar.

Are you out of it?

They did the initial shipment and they’ve just come back in, so we’ve been out for a while and just now getting those back.

Sean, I think you’d like this one too. We’re going to try and sneak one of these in the next care package that goes up.

I’ll have one for next week to get to you. If you’ve got one of those Eiroas, you gave me the CLE signature

It was a good cigar too.

Make sure that you remember to sneak me. I hear that’s a great cigar, so I want to give it a shot.

The CLE Signature is a tremendous cigar and I should use better adjectives than good.

It was so good that I rubbed it on my nipples before I smoked it. Jason would probably enjoy that.

In video or it didn’t happen?

I didn’t video it. You want me to video?

I can’t go up on the YouTube channel?

That and the trampoline jumping while smoking cigars.

I would this trampoline jump but it’s the fake hip and the knee, the one that needs to be done that’s keeping me from that. I already wrestle in the room a couple of times a week. They brought in a kid, the fourth ranked kid in the state and 182 pounds and I wrestled with him for about two minutes. Although, I gave him a serious ass thumping, I was dead after the two minutes.

You were saying it was possible for both of you to lose?

No. I had one like four or five times in the two minutes, I pinned him at least four times in the two minutes that we wrestled but it doesn’t work very well on a hip that needs to be replaced and one that’s already fake. I don’t think a trampoline would do much better either. Have an awesome weekend. It’s always a pleasure to be on the podcast with you. Keep on smoking.

See you later.


See you guys.

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