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Everyone has a different cigar flavor profile. Caldwell’s The King Is Dead is a nice smooth medium-bodied Dominican Puro. Robert Caldwell is one of the innovators in the cigar industry who really pushes the envelope of creating new cigar blends. The Eiroa First 20 Years is a great cigar but not for someone wanting something in the mild to medium range. TAA are releasing new cigars. TAA is the Tobacconist Association of America, a group of 80 retailers who own around 250 premium cigar shops. The TAA has TAA exclusive series of cigars made by different manufacturers only for TAA members, of which a portion of the sales supports the operations of the TAA.

Listen to the podcast here:

Cigar Cafe Radio Romeo Anejo | Caldwell King is Dead | TAA 2016

I’m Lane. I’m hanging out here with Sean and Harris. What’s up guys?

How are you?

I’m having a pretty good day. Things had been running smoothly at work and I get to leave for lunchtime and come smoke a cigar.

When I grow up, I want to be a weatherman and I want to be able to fuck up50% of the time and be able to get paid$400,000 a year. There’s supposed to be a snow storm here in Chicago. If I showed you a picture of what is on my grass from the snowstorm that we’re supposed to have, you guys had both laugh your ass off.

I have a friend who lives in Massachusetts and he was talking to us. It was 36 degrees outside and he heard thunder in February, and he said, “I’m glad it’s 36 and not 31.

Here’s the deal. We had a literally a winter storm warning or watch. We were supposed to get a foot of snow and they closed all activities down after school. It was supposed to be white out. It was 34, 35 the whole entire time and it snowed but it never stuck on the ground. The biggest part of the snow was supposed to come last night at7:00 and it didn’t snow at all. Not one flake, nothing.

Do how many times I’ve seen a foot of snow in Alabama? Once. It was 1993, and people still talk about it. We had one good snowstorm last, not this, but a couple ago. The last big one that we had here, it was wild. It snowed, I want to say three feet, something like that. I opened up my garage door and dug out because my snowblower didn’t work. I dug out of six foot snowdrifts one shovel full at a time. It sucked. I was pissed off when I was shoveling, but I did it. I got it all done.

What are you guys smoking today?

I’m smoking the CaldwellKing is Dead last payday. It’s torpedo shaped.

That’s a great cigar. We got to have something called the Queen is Dead and attribute to Morrissey and the Smiths.

A little bit of a double entendre in the cigar world. I’m smoking inside.

How is it? You haven’t had one before?

It has been probably at least six months for me.

It’s been a couple months since the last one. It was a nice day out back and I was in the hillbilly hot tub.

I like that one. I’m not sure I like it quite as much as the Long Live The King, but Caldwell’s put out some fantastic cigars lately.

They really have. They make the Eastern Standard, The King is Dead, Long Live The King. They have a couple of other ones. They have two or three other ones too that all have been popular. They’re great sellers at the store, personal favorites and then overall seems they’re growing fast and doing well.

Robert Caldwell was one of those cigar makers. He’s active on social media and he’ll accept Facebook requests from me even.

I haven’t had one. I have never smoked a Caldwell cigar yet.

You’d like them. He was working with CLE Cigars, Fabricas Unidas, he had a brand with them and then decided to go out on his own. It’s probably been two years now. He’s a pretty young guy. He and I are the same age, mid 30s. His mom lives in Birmingham. I’ve met his mom.

I didn’t know that.

She came over to the cigar shop when he did an event with us one time and she had never been to one of his events, anywhere in the country. He had one with us and he invited her over and they had a great time. She was great. She was smoking cigars and we had a craft beer vendor there too. She was trying everything. She was a lot of fun.

What’s the profile on that cigar? What’s its deal?

This blend for them, The King is Dead, it’s a smooth medium with maybe a hint of spice to it. I’m just lit up, I’m about half an inch into it. They’re rich, creamy taste. It’s nice. It’s off to a great start.

How about you Lane? What do you got? What are you firing up?

CCP 036 | Cigar Flavor Profile
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Cigar Flavor Profile: Añejo means old. Cigars are all aged between six and eight years, give or take.

I’ve got a Romeo y Julieta and I haven’t smoked one of those in a while. The last one was probably just the Romeo and this is the Romeo Añejo and it’s made of three different aged tobaccos. It’s Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. They’re all aged between six and eight years, give or take. Añejo means old for those of us who are not fluent in Spanish and it’s nice. I get why Harris sort of picked this one for me. It seemed very Nicaraguan. It’s got a subtle coffee and cocoa to it. It’s got a nice pepper spice on it though and you can taste it, you can smell it. I don’t know, maybe an inch into it. It’s a nice cigar, it fits me.

I really liked that one, too. Great, newer blend from Romeo.

I’m starting to see your profile as I smoke cigars that you recommend. I’m starting to see that profile come around. I did smoke The First 20 Years, the Eiroa, we text back and forth a little bit about it. I liked it. It was a little bit strong for me and that could be because I’m dieting right now and every time I smoke a strong cigar I’m like, “Holy Shit.” I was talking to Harris about it. I loved that flavor profile, but I preferred the Davidoff Nicaraguan to the Eiroa and they’re similar. They have similar profiles but one is a little bit smoother than the other. It was great. I would have another one. It was a power bomb for me. I talked last week about, I stressed how full bodied it is, but it is definitely a full-bodied cigar.

This Romeo y Julieta is medium plus, even with the pepper spice and everything, it’s barely on the plus side of medium and it’s a fuller bodied Romeo, but it’s not nearly what that CLE was.

I was thrilled with it. We talked about you’re not buying Ligas because you enjoy the Eiroa so much. I took that as that they would be similar and they are definitely not even remotely similar to one another.

Their flavor profiles are completely different.

Their strength may be similar, but their profiles are very different.

The flavor profiles are different. I don’t want to say that I enjoy them the same. I happen to lately be enjoying more of the Eiroa than I have been the Liga, and I like Ligas.

I’m going to have one for me. That’s going to be one of my cigars I smoke down at the beach in a month.

It goes back to Anthony Liuzza was on the show from Kristoff Cigars, talking about people’s palates changing overtime and it probably does change. Certain times, I may like one cigar and then not as much another time.

For instance, I found a cigar shop that had a pretty good selection of Kristoff cigars and so I got my Corojo that I wanted. I’ve been wanting for months. I found it, got it, and I put it up on Twitter and the Cigar Chairman chimed in and said, “Spicy, tasty cigar.” What’s funny is that I don’t find it spicy. I don’t find it spicy. Is that a profile that I’m missing? I don’t go to spiciness with that cigar.

There are Corojos that I think I do and I don’t think that was one of them.

People can taste different things.

I’m starting to see what a Corojo actually tastes like. If you smoke one Corojo, if you smoke a Camacho, a Leaf, and a Kristoff you have an underlying flavor profile there. I don’t want to say it’s completely similar, but you can definitely tell and that’s neat because you smoke Nicaraguans and do the same thing.

I feel a little bit a broken record with my cigar choices lately. Coffee, cocoa, coffee, cocoa, some pepper.

Again, it’s the kick that you’re on. I went through a Connecticut kick, the one I didn’t have was the Oliva. I didn’t have that Connecticut. Have you guys smoked that one yet? How does it compare to the others?

I really liked Oliva Connecticut. I compare it a lot often to, a lot of customers to the Perdomo Champagne. A little bit different.

The Natural, not the Noir?

Correct. Not the Noir, nothing like the Noir.

The Noir is more in your coffee, cocoa, that’s it?

Have you smoked any more Perdomo since you smoke that Champagne Noir?

No, but I have it on my list to get. That’s another. You want to go back to CLE, that Champagne Noir had a similar flavor profile but it was way smoother. It was much less bite.

Somebody turned that Champagne Noir up to eleven.

Exactly. It was very close. Again, while I was smoking I’m like, “This is a great cigar,” and the Eiroa was like, “This is going to be with me for a while.” This one’s going to hang around for a little bit.” I’m looking forward to chilling out on a beach and smoking some cigars. Do you know when you feel a vacation is needed? You don’t know that because you’re always taking them. This one is needed for sure. I can’t wait to go. I can’t wait to look at the ocean for a few days.

I wish I was going with you. Take a break from my sleep deprivation torture.

All you have to do is say there’s an extra bed and I’ll get Jen, we’ll be right down. I will say if we enjoy it, we do have to do that one day. We have friends that go there every year at the same time. Next year if we’re doing the same thing, you guys ought to come down. It’d be a lot of fun. My kids are good with young kids; they’re not too much of a nuisance anymore. We’ll sit back on them.

I cannot wait to sit out on that balcony and look at the ocean, whilst smoking a cigar. That’s basically what I do when I go to the beach. Me and my wife head down, we take chairs with us. We plop them down in the sand basically as close as we can get to the water. We take a cooler out with drinks and I take a travel cigar humidor. I have a cigar in the morning and a cigar in the afternoon and then go in and get cleaned up and did her for once it’s dark.

That’s what I was planning on doing. I was going to have a Shade in the morning, something like that, maybe a Leaf Connecticut in the morning and then save something for after dinner. I’m going to vacation for Philadelphia so I can’t eat too much because I’ve got to maintain my girlish figure for the conference, but I’m thinking the same thing, a Shade in the morning, something light. What I wanted to talk to you guys about is I have seen on the first page of the news that Davidoff is doing their first box pressed cigar ever and it’s the Nicaraguan?

I had that on my list of things to mention today. They just announced that this week, I got an email about it today.

Tell us a little bit about that? Other than it being the first box pressed Davidoff, what’s its significance? I don’t understand why this is a big deal.

I guess it’s a big deal for several reasons. One, it is first box pressed that I know of Davidoff has ever done and then number two, it’s in the Nicaragua line which has, I don’t know the numbers, but has to be their bestselling cigar by far. There are a lot of people out there that are fans of the box pressed shape, it changes the airflow, the cigar up a little bit. It tweaks the flavor.

It really changed the My Father Le Bijou. I had the Toro, one of the round ones, and then they had the cigar of the year last year that was box pressed and it was not hugely different but it was definitely a little bit sweeter, a little more palatable in the box pressed version. After smoking both of them I get why it was rated highly. I still don’t know if it was my cigar of the year. In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, but it was a good cigar.

I’m reading the email they sent me right now from Davidoff that says they tweaked the blend slightly on it also. They’re saying they’re still using the Habano Nicaraguan Oscar wrapper, but it’s supposed to be a little richer and a little sharper. Maybe a different priming or they picked a slightly different version of the same wrapper. Also, they’re saying it has a little bit more intense, sweet and bitter flavors than the regular Nicaragua.

You’re telling me that the Davidoff Nicaraguan is one of their bestselling cigars right now?

I have not heard that from them, but from what I see in our stores, the Nicaragua is hands down the best seller.

CCP 036 | Cigar Flavor Profile
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Cigar Flavor Profile: From what I see in our stores, the Nicaragua is hands down the bestseller.

When did we do Escurio nights? That was the first time I had the Nicaragua.

The Escurios, they’re newer version in the black line.

I had a little teeny tiny Nicaragua sitting in my humidor since then. I was talking to you about it over the weekend. I’m not really sure how I haven’t smoked that, but it’s got at this point four months on it or something like that. I really got to go light that thing up.

I have two versions of the Escurio in my humidor that had been in there for an equal amount of time. We’ve got a small one and then I’ve got a larger one, maybe a four and a half, five.

I’ve got something that’s not much bigger than a cigarette.

That was a promo size really. It was unreleased size, or is it Primero.

Wandered in and stuck it in my pocket one day.

One other interesting thing about the box pressed is they’re doing it in two sizes, a 6×52 and a 5×48.

The Escurio, is that a good seller for you too? That’s a funny cigar. I really enjoy it. When I want something a little odd I always pick that up, but I also can see that the flavor may be almost a put off to some cigar smokers.

I like that cigar a lot, I think it’s great but I don’t think it appeals to quite as broad of an audience as the Nicaragua. The Nicaragua, if a guy likes mild, he’ll like it. If you like stronger cigars, you’ll like it. It hits everybody. This Escurio to me is a little more on the side of if you like medium to full body, things got a little more to it or even a little bit odd like you said, because it’s got some different tobaccos in there. It appeals more to that crowd, which is a little bit smaller than the Nicaragua.

I have a travel humidor. I wanted to talk about gear little bit. This is the one that I have. It’s twenty, it’s a case like that. You see that bad mother? When I got it, it didn’t come with any kind of humidification in it.

I like that. It looks when you open it, it’ll be full of $100 bills.

I wish it was thank you. How do I humidify this? I want to take this with me on vacation and I don’t know how to humidify this. What can I do?

I’ll throw a few options, Lane, you throw in a few. The easiest, simplest option is the Boveda packs. Boveda makes packs in different humidity levels that basically it’s a no hassle, humidification device that you open it up and put it in there. It’s a little packet that’s squishy and as long as it’s squishy, it’s putting out humidity. In a case like that, once riding the last, at least two to three months and they’re $399.

Should I tape it to the top?

That’s the only downside is you would throw it in there with them. It won’t leak on anything.

I could toss it in on top of it and just to let our audience know, I’ve got a case that looks like the case that the nuclear coordinates are on the president that he carries around with. It’s a hard case. It’s got some trays in there that carry twenty cigars. It’s got an egg shell type of top, but it’s got no humidifier in it, like a Pelican case for cigars. I was going to say F it. I’m just going to take my whole entire humidor with me to Orange Beach, but I don’t feel like doing that. You’re saying just get a Boveda pack. The little ones are probably not enough.

I would get one, it depends on how many cigars do you have it in there, but I’d normally say about one pack per 15 cigars or so seems to be a good ratio. It depends on how big your case is too, but the one you have right there, one would probably be enough. There’s a lot of other options too.

I can think of two or three off the top of my head along with what he’s talking about. The Bovedas and the case. If you were to put a Boveda in a Ziploc bag in that case, that would also be a good fit. Now, beyond that, lots of small 25 and 50 count humidors come with a little basic humidification device. You can ramp it up with propylene glycol before you switch to distilled water. That’s all I use, and so it’s got the velcro with adhesive backing on it and cut out in the top of that humidor, you stamp one right up there. That’s a permanent solution.

I like the ones with crystals from XIKAR.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is you are leaving Chicago and you’re going somewhere that it’s going to be better than 70% humidity.


In theory, when you’re down there, you won’t quite need a humidifier on it, but you’d want it for going home.

You like the crystals?

The crystals are great. They last pretty much indefinitely as long as you use the propylene glycol solution that XIKAR makes. They make the humidifiers too.

What do you do? You put the crystals in and then you soak them with the solution?

It comes pre-made. It’s a little round humidifier like what Lane was talking about, and it has a magnet on the back with dual-sided tape that basically stick it in there and you can pull it in and out because of the magnet. They come pre-loaded so it comes ready to use and then in one to two months you’ll have to refill it with the propylene glycol and the crystals re-expand.

Going to the beach for a week, I don’t think you’re going to ruin any of your cigars, whether it’s a cigar shop zipper bag or the Ziploc bag.

I just don’t want them to get destroyed on the trip. It’s protection more than anything. You know how much shit we’re going to have in the back of my Pathfinder? Come on. It’s going to be ridiculous back there. Plus the guys that are going to be there are both cigar smokers. I’m bringing gifts. I’m coming down there to bring gifts I don’t know what kind of cigar smokers they are, so I’m going to bring cheap ones. I’m going to bring flavored ones. If they’re girls then they’re going to smoke the weak ones. They’re going to smoke the Kubas that I have. I will not be smoking a Kuba.

Just think a year ago, you were smoking those.

Times have changed, my friend. Do you guys ever fire up any flavored cigars anymore?

I lit a Java Mint for my wife at the beach.

I did have a job and not too long ago the Latte and that sucker smells good smoking. It really does. If everyone’s around and people are like, “He’s smoking a cigar,” that’s one that I think everyone enjoys the smell of, which is cool.

I did try a few new flavored cigars other day, or infused. The whole cigar companies that make them few cigars, they always want you call them infused, they don’t like the word flavor. I tried three or four different ones that we just got in from Tatiana. They were decent. It’s not really my thing; I’ll fire them up from time to time to make sure I know what they’re like. To me, a lot of those they start out sweet, but then they mellow out and are fine. I have a little bit of hard time with the sweetness at the beginning.

You don’t have any Havana Honeys in the shop?

No, we did a long time ago, but we haven’t had any in a long time.

It’s funny, when I get with my buddies and they’re like, “You smoke cigars, do you ever have a Kuba?” I’m like, “Seriously? You smoke cigars, really? That’s what you do?”

I will say it is amazing how big of a following that the ACID brand has out there. There are a ton of people that that’s their go-to cigar, tons of people.

Do you ever try to steer them towards something else or they’re buying a ton of them and that’s what they’re going to smoke?

We always show them other options. I would say that a lot of those guys do by both. That might be their go to, but they’re buying traditional cigars too.

There is one ACID that has got me interested in and it’s called Toast. Allegedly, it’s got a lot of cinnamon in it. It has that toasty cinnamon flavor to it. Have you ever had that one?

Yes, that’s what we sell, the Toasts.

It’s been about a year since we did our last infused cigar show. It might be about time that we go pillage the ACIDs again and go find something new and fun to try out.

I know they’ve they made the Kuba in a stronger flavor.

Yes, the Maduro. It is a little bit stronger now. I like that one a little more. It’s definitely got a lot more flavor to it.

I always bring in MMA fighting into our podcast. Did you guys see that Dos Anjos pulled out of the McGregor fight? Do you know that six out of twelve fights that Conor McGregor has had, the person has pulled out? I’m a big fan of his, there’s a pattern there, don’t you think?

His last fight was what? Twelve seconds?

Thirteen seconds against the guy who’s been a champion for ten years. They broke up the fight. He fucking put them to sleep in the first shot. He slept him. It was done. He can’t fight right now. He hasn’t been cleared yet. He got his shit scrambled, but you want to hear something awesome is that they offered the fight to a couple of different fighters to round out that card. McGregor is fighting Nate Diaz, who was a former champion. Now he was going up, so he’s the featherweight champion at145 pounds. He was going up to fight Dos Anjos at 155 pounds for his belt. He is going up to a 170 pounds to fight Nate Diaz. This guy is out of his mind. Think about that. Three months ago he won it at 145 pounds, he’s going up to 170 pounds to fight. That’s impressive and a little nuts. I will be having a cigar to commemorate that. If he wins, he’s an instant legend because people just don’t do that. That’s not heard of, to win three months ago at 145 pounds then decided, “Fuck, I’m going up to 170 pounds. I’m going to see if I can win there too.” Pretty crazy.

What weight does he have to, to get to qualify to fight that?

It’s not like you have to be under. It’s not like collegiate wrestling or high school wrestling where you have to be a certain way to wrestle there. If he were 155 pounds he could fight there if he feels it. McGregor’s a big guy. A really big feather weight.

CCP 036 | Cigar Flavor Profile
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Cigar Flavor Profile: I always felt way more comfortable, way faster, way stronger wrestling upper weight then cutting my ass off to cut down.

I wouldn’t have guessed that he was 145 pounds.

He looks gigantic at 145 pounds. He probably walks around on a day to day basis at 175 pounds, I would think. He just won’t have to cut. He’ll walk in at his walk around weight. There are a lot of people that like to cut weight, think that they’re bigger when they cut. When I wrestled, I always felt better and wrestled better wrestling up. I always felt way more comfortable, way faster, way stronger wrestling upper weight then cutting my ass off to cut down.

It’s healthier too because you weren’t trying to drop a ton of weight so fast.

I would walk around every day at 185 pounds and I would wrestle 171 pounds on the weekends. I wrestled 189 pounds most of my senior year, and I always feel good, being at 184 pounds. I didn’t care that they were cutting from 185 pounds or 200 pounds, it didn’t bother me. Anyway, what’s new and exciting? You’re going on a little trip next week?

TAA in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. Most of the cigar industry manufacturers will be down there and have speakers in a mini trade show and it’s a great smaller environment.

You get first crack at, do they bring all their TAA blends out to that show?

Yes, I was going to mention that. They just now started announcing those. The ones I’ve heard about far are Tatuaje is going to do another size of the blend that the TAA has become known for. That broadleaf Maduro, really nice medium to full bodied cigar. These are the leather 12 size. Pretty close to what they’ve released now. I think it’s a slightly longer, slightly larger ring gauge. It’ll be really close, it’ll be great. That’ll be a fantastic cigar. CLE just announced that they’re coming out with a TAA cigar called the Azabache. They haven’t released details on it yet. That’s going to be under the CLE name. They already do the Asylum. That one’s been really popular. Crowned Heads is doing a 2016 version of Angel’s Anvil, made in a My Father factory so that’s always another really popular one. Those are all the ones I’ve heard of so far, but I know there’s going to be quite a few others. Padron normally does one that everybody gets excited about.

That’s cool that you get those because they’re tough to come by. They’re not easy to find. I know you get them but in my neck of the woods, I only get them from you. They’re not in the stores.

There are only 80 TAA members in the country. Most of the members have multiple stores. If everybody has averaged three or four stores, that’s about 250 stores on average that represents. A little bit of everywhere. I don’t know that there’s one in Chicago. Ewan Reese, is that near you?

I don’t think so. Cigar King probably is part of that, I would think. They’re in Skokie, which is right next Evanston. That’s been around forever. Cigar King’s been around for 70 years, I think. They have watches in there. That’s a neat place to go. You can play pool and it’s a destination point. A lot of my buddies that go there on their lunch break and go have a cigar and look at high end watches and stuff. Not a bad combination to have.

On a local scale, you’ve got a Rocky Patel event coming up in a little less than a month here?

We have Rocky coming to the store to do a big event and we’re going to have all the craft beer guys here and Heaven Hill is coming to sample bourbon. Casamigos Tequila, it’s the one owned by George Clooney. They’d been a few times before. It’s always a good one. Should be a lot of fun. We haven’t had Rocky in the store. I’m sitting here looking at a picture of him one of the last times he was here. It’s been three or four years since we’ve had him in last time.

You guys hadn’t even moved into this location. You were still across the street.

Speaking of Rocky Patel, have you guys smoked The Edge? The Edge is up there, number seven in Cigar Aficionado’s list. Have you guys tried it? I’ve had an Edge before, I’ve never had this year’s version of it. What do you think of it? How’s it selling? Now that it’s been on the list and I know they’ll get a bump.

I haven’t had one recently. It’s been years since I had an Edge.

The Edge is always one of our best sellers in the stores. It’s probably around the country, one of the bestselling everyday cigars. It’s in $6 range depending on the size. They get a few above and below that and it’s not one that jumps out at me as something that’s fantastic, but it’s a solid, every day, great bang for the buck cigar.

I see it on here and that was one of the ones, I’m like, “What?” That’s a strange top ten cigar for me. I know that they change from year to year. Some years are better than others.

When I see The Edge, I’m always looking for what’s the next cigar at $3 or $4 three or four bucks more that I can get from Rocky instead of The Edge?

What’s the one I can go to up to $9, $10?

I was surprised to see it on the list because it’s been around for so long. A lot of people were surprised that the My Father Le Bijou got number one, just because it’s been around a long time. I guess people normally think of that list, a lot of newer blends normally are in that top ten.

This top ten, they’re not many new ones. There are a lot of old ones. I was going to ask you guys about the CAO the Flathead 660. Do you have those in stock? Are they worth jumping in and trying one?

I don’t think we have any of those right now. We’ve had those in the past. I thought was a good cigar. It was, to me, in the same category like The Edge. Nothing wrong with it, great.

Nothing that blows your doors off.

Personally, I think it’s one of their best sellers. CAO’s a very popular brand. Personally, nothing that jumped out.

We’re denouncing this list. I’ve done it before. I’m going to say it again. It sucks. I don’t like it. What I’m trying to do is go through it and go, “Which one would Ito smoke out of here? I think I’ll probably have a Sanctum here in the next month or so.”

You know who does like it? The 25 or so cigar makers who are on the list.

It’s like fucking Oprah’s favorite things list.

I don’t know who this Oprah person you speak of is.

Who’s Oprah? We call it the Oprah effect. They get on this list and they sell a bunch of cigars. That’s the truth.

We were not selling many My Father Le Bijou’s in that size, that torpedo box pressed that got number one. The day that came out, every other person coming in the door, “Do you have it? Do you have it? Do you have it?”

I was surprised to find them at the beach. When I was at the beach, I went into a liquor store and they had not just the Le Bijou, they had the Oliva V Melanio, the cigar of the year from the year before. Both of them in there, but this isn’t a cigar shop. It’s a booze store with a couple little standup cabinet humidors.

Clear one, like the Plexiglas ones or something. That’s the ones I usually see at the liquor store. They’ve got the humidifier in there and they’re Plexiglas and they’ve got a ton of ACIDs and that’s funny that you found them there. Someone must be reading Cigar Aficionado and getting the ones that are popular.

They had a sign up on the door, craft beer, liquor, wine aficionados, cigar aficionados, apply for a job here. I looked at my wife, I said, “I can get a job at the beach.”

That’s right. “Honey, I can do this. We can be done here all day.” What’s up for the weekend? Anything good? Guys doing anything special?

My best friend is turning 40. The buddy that I went on the cruise. His 40th birthday is next week and I got the invite to come up from one of our friends yesterday. I’ve got my kitchen pass. My wife is going to some blood drive with one of her best friends and I said, “I know that you have obligations. Do you have any objections to me going up and drinking Tequila with Wilton Lionel?” She said, “No, go.”

I had the same conversation with Kathy about wrestling this weekend. My high school’s in the state semi-finals. Illinois is kind of weird. They don’t seed the wrestling team state, so it’s solely based on what sectional you’re in. The two best teams in the state can literally wrestle in the quarterfinals. It’s stupid, we’re ranked number 11 in the country and Washington High School is ranked number 13.They’re wrestling in the semifinals. I said, “Hey honey, you got anything going on Saturday?” She was like, “No, why?” “I’d like to take a trip to Bloomington, Illinois to watch the semi-final,” so I’m going to take my son and we’re going to go watch them, so it should be fun.

I will probably not be doing anything that fun this weekend because my wife is not super excited that I’m going to Puerto Vallarta, and she’s staying home with the three little ones.

It’s funny how all women think the same.

This is called paying it forward.

I’m totally in the mode this weekend of trying to free her up to do whatever she feels like doing.

“Honey, how can I serve you?”

It should be fun. The weather’s going to be nice here so I’ll probably try to get outside and do something.

I’ve been watching the weather down there. Looks like, it’s been holding steady in the high 60s.

We were in 70s over the weekend.

CCP 036 | Cigar Flavor Profile
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Cigar Flavor Profile: During the summer it gets so hot. It’s almost hot smoke cigars sometimes, when you go will be just right.

If it is 65 plus in Orange Beach, I’m going to whistle Dixie out of my ass.

I think it will be. It’ll be perfect beach slash cigar weather down there because during the summer it gets so hot. It’s almost hot smoke cigars sometimes, when you go will be just right.

Especially in the sun. In the morning when it’s windy, it might be a little chilly to go out and smoke a cigar. Not 50schilly but a little breezy, but 10:00 the sun’s starting to really start coming down. It ought to be really pleasant. I can throw down the gauntlet here. I was at the beach last Valentine’s Day, I didn’t want to go back up into the hotel lobby or to my room at the time to go find a bathroom. In Valentine’s weekend, I made the very poor business decision to go out in the gulf to shed a tear to the motherland. My wife took a picture of me while I was doing it, I was like, “That’s fucked up.”

It’s turtle time now in that gulf. Because the water’s60 degrees right now. Nobody needs to be at 60 degree water.

My son will jump in. He may jump out real fast, but he’ll go in. I will not.

There will be spring breakers there. There will be people in the water.

They do spring break in Orange Beach?

It’s still, basically from Gulf Shores to Tallahassee, there will be spring breakers.

Not as many. I think most summer in the week or two before.

It’s not going to be like Panama City beach used to be, but there will be some there. They may be from your area. They may be from Indiana, Minnesota, then some of them may be local here.

Then my twelve year old son will get quite an eyeful then while he’s there.

“Dad, I’m taking a long, cold shower.”

It is always a pleasure to talk to you guys. It’s always fun. I’m going to bow out and get back to work. I can see you guys are working real hard over there. Have a good day.

See you guys.

Caldwell Cigar Co.

Lane: Caldwell King is dead for me today in the torpedo vitola. It is a nice smooth medium body Dominican Puro.

Harris: Interesting side note Robert went to high school 1 year in Birmingham, AL and his mom still lives in Birmingham. We had a big event with him last year and his mom came since she had never been to one of his events. She was a lot of fun and is very active on social media.

Robert Caldwell is part of a new group of innovators in the cigar industry really pushing the envelope of new cigar blends. His brands have been great sellers for us and seem to have done very well overall.

Cigar News:

Harris: TAA 2016 is coming up March 6-10 in beautiful Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

Lane: Don’t get Zika virus

Sean: Tell us a little bit about what TAA is

Harris: TAA is the Tobacconist Association of America. It is a group of 80 retailers who own around 250 premium retail cigar shops. It is supposed to be the best of the best. They meet for one week every year in a different exotic destination. Meetings at the conference include seminars, motivational speakers and a mini trade show for retailers. The TAA also has the TAA Exclusive Series of cigars made by different manufacturers only for TAA members. A portion of the sales from these cigars supports the operations of the TAA.

Harris: Davidoff Nicaragua releasing 2 box press sizes 5×48 robusto and 6×52 toro. I think these will do very well. Everything in the Davidoff Nicaragua line so far has crushed it.

What is Sean Smoking?

Sean: I smoked the Eiroa First 20 Years. I liked it but it was a little strong for me. I prefer the Davidoff Nicaragua over this one.

Lane: Everyone has a different flavor profile

Harris: This is a great cigar but definitely not for someone wanting something in the mild to medium range

Sean: I finally got another Kristoff Corojo Limitada. I loved it again. It was just as good as I remembered it. I want to try some Perdomo cigars next. What is the Oliva Connecticut like?

Sean: I am so excited about my family’s road trip from Chicago to Gulf Shores, AL! I am going to smoke Connecticut cigars in the morning and then something stronger after dinner.  I am taking alot of cigars! Java Latte and Acid Kuba’s for my friends just getting started with cigars.

Cigar Gear

Harris: People always ask what is the best way to humidify a travel humidor? I think the best way to do it is with the small Boveda packs. They are only 99 cents and they last 30+ days. It is so easy. If you have a large travel humidor you will need more than one. My rule of thumb is one for every 10 cigars. This is not based on anything other than trial and error. It has worked well for me but you may need more if you live in a low humidity part of the US.


Lane: You can also use the basic round Xikar Crystal humidifier with their PG solution

Lane: We need to do an entire show dedicated to infused cigars soon

Harris: Definitely!

MMA update – Connor McGregor opponent pulled out of the fight. Sean very upset

New TAA cigars to be announced soon

Griffin Nicaragua Cigars now shipping in two sizes – interesting first Nicaraguan cigars under the Griffin brand from Davidoff. Possibly the beginning of a brand wide revamp for Griffins?

Big Rocky Patel Event March 24th at Cigars & More with Rocky in person!

CAO Flathead 660

Cigar Aficionado list top 25 list is disappointing

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