7-8-15 Show Notes:

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Lane Welcome and Intro

My Father Cigars

Special Guest here today Taven Johnson and Stefan Mayer from Chimp Inc.. They represent My Father cigars in many states as independent brokers.

Taven Background – Long family history in the cigar business. Very focused on sales and how to improve Brick and Mortar retailers

Stefan Mayer – has worked for several manufacturers and brick and mortar shops. Lots of retail experience.

Quote of the day “Cigars are a true hand crafted artisan product. One of the last affordable luxurys the everyman can afford on a regular basis.”

Sean says he realized this without anyone telling him when he first started smoking cigars.

Harris is smoking the Flor de Las Antilles cigar by My Father Cigars today.

Stefan is smoking the My Father Blue Label

Lane is smoking a mystery My Father Cigar

Sean smoked a Mr. Sam by La Palina over the 4th of July weekend.

Cigar Shop Quest

Sean has been on a Quest to find a good local Brick and Mortar cigar shop near his house. Finally found a good one after a few tries.

My Father Cigars Branding

Sean likes that they stick with very traditional branding.

Linked back to their heritage. Don Pepin Garcia was a cigar rolling master in Cuba, best of the best. He is a construction expert rolling in the cuban style of Entubar.

Tatuaje branding is very edgy. Owner Pete Johnson is a former rock star in LA. Tatuaje cigars are made by My Father Cigars.

Lane really like the My Father Cedro Deluxe Eminentes and is smoking it today. Draw is perfect Taven says because of the entubar style of rolling. They are fermenting their tobacco on average two times as long as most other cigar companies.

Three very popular blends from My Father Cigars

Flor de Las Antillas 

Nicaraguan Habano Sun Grown

#1 Cigar of the Year 2013

Medium to full body cigar

Least expensive long filler cigar made by My Father Cigars. There may be a maduro version in the works for next year.

La Antiguedad

Habano Ecuadorian Rosado Oscuro

Rosado Rosado is the Brightness of the tobacco

Oscuro refers to the fermentation process of the tobacco

Medium plus body

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Only double Oscuro wrapper cigar in the world

1922 refers to the year of Pepin’s father’s birth


Sean loved the Ashton VSG early on in his cigar smoking journey. Not mild at all

Everyone has a different palate and will taste cigars differently

Quote: “The best cigar is the one you are smoking” Well balanced is the key

Sean says to him the first 1/3 of the cigar is the most important. If its not balancing out he will probably put it down.

What is new and exciting from My Father Cigars?

El Centurion Box Press H2k Connecticut coming out at IPCPR 2015 next week.

It is a habano seed grown in connecticut. This is the reverse of what is normally done. This usually is grown in Nicaragua. First time ever done like this.

Clearing your Palate between cigars

What is the best way to clear your palate before smoking a cigar?

– sparkling water, saltine crackers

Start with mild cigars and work into the full body ones so you can taste them well

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