Recorded 7-23-15

Sean: Harris, take us through the IPCPR 2015. What was it like?

Harris: Sean, It was great! Tons of new cigar blends and brands. The IPCPR was in New Orleans this year. This was the first time the show has been in New Orleans in quite a few years. I always like having the IPCPR in New Orleans. The food is great and it is a close drive for me. Only downside was the heat and humidity.

The show floor was huge this year and segmented off by vendor type i.e. cigars, vape, pipes etc. Attendance seemed about average but most vendors seemed happy and were selling lots of cigars.

The great thing about the IPCPR is it is the only time of the year when the entire industry is together in one place.

Lane: Who had the most buzz at the IPCPR?

Harris: Definitely the new Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate and Dunbarton the new brand from former Drew Estate CEO Steve Saka were the talk of the show. Warped Cigars also had quite a few people talking about them. Davidoff generously gave every attendee a sample of the new Davidoff Escurio with Brazilian tobacco and people loved it.

Sean: I’ve smoked several cigars lately My Father no.3, Davidoff Nicaragua, Oliva V, Oliva O habano. Football starts for my son this week, 5 days a week.

Lane: Smoking the Aging Room by RyJ from Altadis today. It has spicy, cherry, sweet red pepper notes. This cigar is a collaboration between Rafael Nodal (not the tennis player) owner of Aging Room small batch cigars and Altadis. It is very unusual these two companies would work together.

What is the difference or how do you tell the difference between red, white and black pepper?


Perdomo introduced their new craft beer series at the IPCPR. It is meant to be paired with different types of craft beer. Sounds interesting

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