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A big mountain of cigars has come into the stores. Harris has been digging out from under all kinds of new cigars, old blends, and all kinds of things which has been rather fun but busy. The Davidoff Escurio is branded as Davidoff’s new their new full-bodied line. About twenty minutes into smoking it, it opens up a complexity of flavor with more hint of spice. Another note-worthy cigar is the Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary. It’s a box-pressed Robusto with a gold, black, and silver band. Sean gives his take on the Oliva V and the My Father No. 3 Crema which he thinks are both outstanding, but he couldn’t part with T52 just yet.

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Cigar Cafe Radio Davidoff Escurio | Oliva V | Rocky Patel 20th | Football

What’s going on?

We’ve had a mountain of cigars coming into the stores. I’ve been digging out from under all kinds of new cigars, old blends, all kinds of things. That’s been fun and busy.

My wife loves kittens and puppies. If you asked her one of the best things in her life, it would be to be surrounded by all sorts of puppies and kittens. It sounds to me like digging yourself out of cigars is a little bit like the same thing.

It’s like Christmas every day. You don’t know exactly what is showing up. Some of the new blends show up now. Some will show up soon.

There was literally a crate of these Davidoff Escurios back here. They normally have a pile of boxes that they keep around for people to come around and buy for projects. The pile of boxes that they have is ridiculous.

You have to go through each one and barcode them, price them and put them out. Is that the deal?

A lot of the cigars are shipping with barcodes which have been a great change. It saves us a ton of work. We saw quite a few that we do have to tag. We tag everything if it’s not UPC-coded.

Lane, I haven’t had the pleasure of a Davidoff yet. How is it?

It’s good. It’s branded as being their new full-bodied line. Harris talked about it coming off of IPCPR. It’s not quite as full-bodied as I’d imagined it would, but it is opening up. I’ve been smoking it for about twenty minutes and it’s starting to develop a little bit. I’m starting to get some more complexity of flavor, some more spice in it.

Harris, are you smoking one now? Are you not partaking?

I’m in the process of lighting up a blend I received at the IPCPR. It’s the Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary. It’s a box-pressed Robusto with a gold, black and silver band. I’ll fire it up. We’ll see what happens with it. I don’t know what to expect. I’ve not read any reviews or any anything at all about it. I’m coming in with no bias at all, one way or the other.

I had a cigar-smoking smorgasbord. Every year before football season starts, we go down south into Southern Illinois and go to the lake. I bought some cigars. I want to talk about them, but I also want to talk about a little problem that I had with them. I had an Oliva V which was outstanding. I had a My Father No. 3 Crema, which was my favorite. Lane, I texted you while I was on my little getaway. I asked you what you think I should smoke, the T52 or the Undercrown. I couldn’t part with my T52 yet.

I would have smoked the T52 just because it was there and then replaced it, but I understand.

You may think I’m nuts. For an everyday smoke, I’m finally having one on a weekend. I probably will pick up an Undercrown. It’s one of my favorites. It’s not super complex, but I like it. It’s one of my favorites, everyday types of smokes. I don’t know if you’re a huge fan of them, but I certainly am.

I’ve smoked three or four of them. I’ve smoked some of the Undercrown. You were talking about the Flying Pigs, I smoked them. Harris did a pretty good job of stocking them over at the Hoover store and it’s close to my house. If I wander in there and don’t see anything else that speaks to me, I’ll remember to grab one of those. They’re a good price point and they’re good cigars.

It has a lot of smoke. It’s nice and spicy. I dig them. I had a little problem with a few of my cigars and I’d never heard of the problem before and Harris filled me in on it. Our audience, maybe they’ve had this problem before and they’ve never known what the issue was. I thought I’d bring it up.

Disclaimer, the problem cigars did not come from Cigars & More.

They didn’t. I’m not going to mention. It was a local store. They did not come from you. Yours have always been right on the money and they did not come directly from my humidor. We did some detective work. What was happening is I was lighting them up, they lit fine. I wasn’t getting a ton of smoke on the draw. They weren’t tough on a draw, but I had to draw hard to get any real smoke out of them. I’m like, “What is going on?” I looked at the cherry and I was noticing a hole or two inside the cherry. I smoked it down an inch, ashed and again there was a hole inside of it. I’ve had that happen once or twice before and it’s usually a stem or a part where the tobacco wasn’t full inside of the cigar. It happened with all three that I had bought from that certain store and we figured it out. It was called tunneling. Harris, why don’t you fill us in a little bit about what that is?

CCP Davidoff | Davidoff Escurio
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Davidoff Escurio: Tunneling happens when the cigar burns unevenly. Generally, it’s when the inside is burning quicker than the outside.


It’s when the cigar burns unevenly, basically between the inside of the cigar and the outside. Sometimes it’s either the inside is burning quicker than the outside generally is how it happens. Most of the time it’s caused by humidity issue. It could be a construction issue, but most of the time it has to do with humidity that’s a little too high where they were stored.

It was consistent with the three cigars that I had bought from that particular store, and they were from three different manufacturers. It wasn’t a batch issue. It clearly was probably a humidification issue.

That’s a good point if that is happening to you and it’s from cigars from different manufacturers. Most likely the problem has to do with your humidor or wherever the cigar was stored.

If I were friendlier with the store owner, which there is no way I could be because it was a pretty big chain, there’s no way I’m going to be able to tell them to crank down the humidifier. It sucked. It made me a little bit angry. I want to tell you though that of the ones that I smoked, the My Father was my favorite. It was a complex smoke. There are lots of different stuff going on and I had fun with it.

They still have to beat the My Father cigars. They’re always some of the best of the best. They make cigars for quite a few companies in the cigar industry, but they save the best tobacco for their own cigars.

I was thumbing through the catalogs from the internet dealers. I was looking at a particular cigar that interested me and it’s the Obsidian. Have you ever heard of them or have you ever smoked them?

I’ve heard of the brand.

I’m wondering if it’s one of those catalog-exclusive deals.

It is. The catalog will do a lot of its own brands. I’m reading a little bit about it. It looks like it’s a pretty good value cigar that’s full body. They’re making special for their site.

Lane, you had mentioned a little bit about football. Take it away. Let’s hear what you’ve got.

We’ve got the NFL season starting up pretty soon. We’ve got the Steelers versus the Vikings in Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game. Following up, my Cowboys are playing the Chargers. Do you have NFL teams?

What are you talking about? I’m in Chicago. Do you think I don’t have an NFL team? I want to tell you that I am a Cowboys fan, probably second. When the Cowboys and Bears are playing against one another, I’m leaning towards the Bears, but I’m a Cowboys fan as well. I’m expecting them to have a good year. I don’t like the fact that DeMarco Murray left, but I have high hopes for them. The Bears, I don’t know what to expect. John Fox is a great coach. I respect him. Jay Cutler is still the quarterback. I want to like him so bad because he’s got such a rifle.

I feel the same way about Tony Romo. He’s obviously a franchise player at this point. When it comes down to the fourth quarter, nobody can blow a fourth-quarter quite like Tony Romo can. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was two or three years old and one granddad would tell me to say, “Go, Cowboys,” and I realized that when the other granddad told me to say, “Go, Redskins,” and I said, “Go, Cowboys,” it made them really mad. I’ve been trolling my granddad for almost 36 years now just with, “Go, Cowboys.” A couple years ago, Johnny Football was in the draft. He was still available when it came down as his turn and I was torn. I’m a Bama fan, but I could cheer for Johnny Manziel if I had to if it meant no more Tony Romo.

Lane, I feel like I’m a student of the game. What did you see in Johnny Manziel that would allow you to believe that he was going to be a good pro? Other than the fact that he launched a couple up in the air that people caught, he had no pro mechanics.

Not a pocket passer refused to play that game.

The only thing he did well at the Combine is run a 40. He could not make pro throws. For me, the way he played but the way he tested was similar to Tim Tebow. I look at what this guy can do that is pro ready. I watched Marcus Mariota and Winston workout for everybody and those suckers, both of them, could make every single pro throw.

Maybe it’s a statement more of how I’m tired of watching close wins turns into close losses under Romo at this point.

I can see that, you get frustrated. The only difference between Romo and Jay Cutler is that Romo every year has a great touchdown to interception ratio. Every single year he’s on the plus side of that. I don’t know that he loses you games like Cutler. Cutler can throw four interceptions like that, where Romo is always pretty damn good. I understand your frustration. You feel the team around him is good enough to win. Romo, like Tom Brady, he makes everybody better. Romo doesn’t match up to that level. I’m way more interested in the college season than I am pros.

With the NFL preseason started, we’re weeks away from college football Thursday night game.

What’s the first one? It’s a pretty good one.

I don’t know what the first one is. I know that first SEC game on a Thursday night is Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt. There is another game that night. I assume there are at least one and maybe two late games that night too. I usually stay up late and go to work tired the next morning, welcoming back football into my life.

It’s like a warm hug, isn’t it? Harris, are you a fan?

I’m a big Auburn Fan. I went to school at Auburn and they’re my team for sure. I keep up with SEC football and Auburn a lot more than NFL, so I’m excited about Auburn this year.

They’re poised to make a nice run. Everything I’ve read says that they’re definitely a playoff contender.

I’m excited to see how Will Muschamp does coming in to take over the defense. That’s been their big weak point the last few seasons. Hopefully, they’ll be much improved.

CCP Davidoff | Davidoff Escurio
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Davidoff Escurio: Lane is an Alabama fan, Harris is an Auburn fan, and I’m a Notre Dame fan.


I know that Lane is an Alabama fan, Harris is an Auburn fan, and I’m a Notre Dame fan. On paper, we all have the stuff to be excited about. If Notre Dame isn’t in the top ten at the end of the year, they’ve been a complete failure.

Bama’s not going to get any test whatsoever until Ole Miss in week three. Frankly, in week three we’re not going to know what team Ole Miss is anyway. I don’t think it’s Louisiana on the road, but they’re playing a couple high school teams the first couple of weeks and then they roll over straight into us. We’ve got the Wisconsin game and then follow it up. I want to say that we do play Louisiana and Monroe, so we’re playing the high school team in week two and then in the Ole Miss. Ole Miss’ schedule is backloaded until when they play Texas A&M. They don’t face anybody and then it’s A&M, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and then finishes with Mississippi State. Four of those last five, six weeks, they’re playing the West powerhouses.

I have a closet favorite because Illinois College football sucks so badly. Illinois is a joke. Northwestern is mediocre. I love Northern Illinois and they’ve been the premier MAC team in the last four or five years. Jordan Lynch was their quarterback two years ago, and a two-time Heisman finalist. I’ve been watching them for quite a while before Jordan Lynch. They’ve got to play Ohio State the second game of the season and I don’t see that going well. What do you think?

I don’t see that going great for them. They probably have a better shot if they’d draw on the Virginia Tech game instead. I saw a story about Ohio State that four of their players are suspended for game one for marijuana infractions.

This is something that I have a hard time accepting at any level in high school, college, or pro. It stays in your system for 35 to 40 days. When does that sink into their heads that they’re going to get tested and that they’re going to test positive for it? You play your ass off through your grammar school, high school days to get a scholarship to play college football or make millions of dollars playing in the pros.

You’ve got to keep your nose clean while you’re doing that.

It’s like being an airplane pilot and not being able to drink the night before. It’s why you get paid the money. It’s why you have a scholarship. Stop smoking pot.

According to the ESPN story, Joey Bosa, the all-American defensive end for Ohio State, Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson are both halfbacks and Corey Smith is a wide receiver. Those are the four guys that were suspended for the game against Virginia Tech, which is in Blacksburg. That’s a home game for Virginia Tech. I’m not saying Virginia Tech’s got the win, but it’s going to make it close.

Let’s all wrap it back up into cigars. What cigars are you looking forward to getting a hold of? I know you jacked one of Harris’ Davidoffs before it went out. I get angry when I see that. I got to be honest with you. I wish I could be there because I would totally pocket a few of them. Sorry, Harris. You’d be like, “Where’s that Davidoff?” I’d be like, “I don’t know.”

Don’t get me wrong, I paid for it. It just hadn’t made the shelves yet.

I’d go, “I’m on the show, Harris. I had to take one.” We give a little bit.

Nearly every company has new blends coming out between now and Christmas, basically. I was surprised that the Davidoff Escurio made it here fast. I thought it would be a month away at least and it almost beat me back to Birmingham.

When Gary said that, “We’ve got the new Davidoff.” I’m like, “Which one?” He said, “The Escurio.” I walked out of the humidor and was like, “I’m done.”

“Thank you. You just made my decision for me.”

They’re smart to get it out fast like that. They promoted it big time at the IPCPR. There’s a lot of buzz around it. They’ve got it shipped out now. People are trying it, liking it. Another one from Davidoff that is not new, but a lot of places is starting to bring it in is the Camacho Barrel-Aged. That one is going nuts. That’s going to be one of the biggest cigars of the year.

This one has started to pack a little bit of a punch, but not nearly as much as the Camacho Barrel-Aged.

I’ve been eyeing that sucker up. That’s out in the store?

Yes. I walked in and I was like, “I know I’ve already smoked that up. I should smoke it again.” Harris brought that one in before anybody was supposed to have them.

We did get an early release on that one, which was nice. I’m trying to think of what else I’m excited about, new blend-wise.

I smoked one of Oscar Rodriguez’s GTO Pain Killer Fat Bottomed Girls. That was a pretty interesting cigar. It’s marketed as being full-bodied. The construction is interesting, it’s slender on both ends and then it’s thick in the middle, which Oscar would appreciate. It’s got a bulbous growth growing in the middle of it.

It’s like it has a big marble in the middle of it.

You light it, draws easily, but it packs a punch. As soon as you hit that fixed spot in it, it starts to burn, and you’re pulling all of that smoke through the bulbous head.

I had a funny story about that cigar. When they first came in, on the box it says GTO Coronas. I didn’t know what that word meant. I hadn’t talked to Oscar about it. I was at home and I was Googling it. I was looking it up on my phone and hit Google Images, don’t do that by the way, because I didn’t know that the word meant fat bottom girl in Spanish. You can imagine what came up on Google Images. I immediately called Oscar like, “You didn’t tell me what this was.” It was shocking.

I love when people have a sense of humor. Obviously, it was a gimmicky type of thing. Did he want it to get complex or kick your butt? What was his reasoning behind that?

CCP Davidoff | Davidoff Escurio
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Davidoff Escurio: GTO Pain Killer Fat Bottomed Girl didn’t have as much kick-butt punch as the GTO Painkiller Maduro but it was fairly full-flavored, if only medium-bodied.


The Painkiller Maduros are typically pretty full-bodied. I’ve smoked a couple of those. This didn’t have as much kick-butt punch as the Painkiller Maduro, but it was fairly full-flavored if only medium-bodied.

He did it as a limited edition. He only made about 100 to 200 boxes. He plans to release about once a year in a slightly different blend. He told me that the tobacco is five years old. It was his anniversary cigar.

It’s a Dominican Puro, its coffee, caramel, some pepper spice, some cedar, a little bit of sweetness but not much.

He has another they released that is interestingly called the Hypnotic. It is similar to the Insidious from Asylum. It’s a milder cigar with a lightly sweetened wrapper. We were the test store for that blend since he lives about an hour away and great response to it so far. He’s going to be rolling that out as a regular production cigar.

I’ve got a GTO here. I want you to tell me if I should smoke it. I’ve got here a GTO. It’s a plain GTO wrapper. It doesn’t have any name or anything on it. It doesn’t give me any series on it.

That is their Bundle Series. It’s a good cigar. I don’t like it quite as much as his regular lines, but it’s a good, solid Dominican, medium body. I believe it’s a medium filler cigar. It’s a good cut-in-the-grass cigar.

How about the Nording by Rocky Patel?

Is it the regular Nording that just says Nording on it? It’s a good, solid, medium-bodied cigar. In the store, we have one guy who smokes about one to two boxes of that cigar a week and then he blows through. That’s his favorite one.

You never told us about the Rocky Patel that you were smoking? What do you get going on?

I looked up a little bit of blend information on it and it’s got a Honduran wrapper and then a combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, which is unique. You don’t always see that mix. It’s medium to full body. I liked the size. The one I have is 4.5×52 and a box-pressed. It’s a good, smaller size that packs a lot of flavors. It started out a little bit better to me on the first inch. Probably it wasn’t my favorite, but after that, it mellowed out and it’s nice. All the flavors came together. I would say a nice medium to full body Honduran cigar.

That’s why we were talking before about the CLE CBT Eiroa and the Maduro that I’m going to get from you. That small size is convenient for a quick. If you don’t have an hour or you’re out in the backyard cutting the grass, it’s not super long. My dad loved those little 4.5 inches, 4.7-inch cigars. A lot of times you light up 5.5 inches or 6 inches, you smoke half of it and put it out. Lighting it up again a day later sucks.

I love the smaller size it. You get a great power-packed cigar. The flavors in the smaller ring gauges are always nice. One of the new Davidoff Ecsurio sizes is a 3.5×50, which is unique. I’ve never seen one that size. I did smoke one and it was great. It was just the right amount if you didn’t have a lot of time. I loved the smaller ones.

Lane, you’re usually barbecuing in the back. You’ve got some time to sit back and chill on a longer cigar.

I work from home so I was smoking and lit up a cigar. That Fat Bottomed Girl didn’t take long at all to smoke because it’s slender on both ends. We had a big thunderstorm come through like we do most days during the summer here. Even through the rain and everything, it’s getting wet. It might take 40 minutes or so through something like that.

One other interesting cigar that we have coming in from Perdomo, they’ve done a Craft Beer Series of cigars that they blended specifically to pair with certain types of craft beer. It was after talking about it with them at the cigar show that they spent a lot of time working on trying to come up with cigars that paired well with certain types of craft beers.

They’re pairing it with particular breweries or saying, “This goes with an RPA. This goes with a stout. This goes with a bitter.”

They’re keeping it pretty general with categories. I haven’t tried one yet with beer to see. Maybe we could do that on the show, might be something interesting to do. One other note, I did find out this week that my wife is pregnant with our third child. That would be number three.

How old are they now?

The oldest is a three-and-a-half boy and then a one-and-a-half-year-old girl. I’ll have three four-and-under.

Is this going to be the last one or are you going to keep going?

99% sure this will be the last one. A little bit of a surprise there.

CCP Davidoff | Davidoff Escurio
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Davidoff Escurio: Some people are born fathers or mothers. Some grow into the role.


My sister will have her third in less than a month. She’ll have a five, three, and then a newborn. Quinn and Keegan are two years apart. They’re two grades apart. They’re almost three years apart. Quinn will be twelve, Keegan will be nine. You know how some people are born fathers or mothers? Some of us grow into the role. That’s how I felt. My buddies that had three, four kids, I would be out of my mind with. I already do enough. I’m constantly traveling around. I can’t imagine having two more. It will be nuts.

I totally feel your pain. I made it to almost 36 and a half and don’t have kids. I’m not going to say at eighteen, but at twenty, 22, that I was more mentally and psychologically-equipped to have children than I am now. Now, I’m old and cranky.

I’ve always said that my buddies that had kids young, although they were not financially set enough, they long it. They didn’t know what they were missing. They didn’t even know. I had my first at 32. We had nice cars and a house and went on nice vacations. It was like, “This is crimping my style.” Obviously looking back, I don’t know what I would do without them. When you’re 23, what do you know? You’re too stupid to know any better.

It’s more of an adjustment at this stage of life than if it were earlier.

If my wife were to come home and say she was pregnant, it would be fine. We’d be happy about it. I start doing the math and I’d be like, “The kid’s going to graduate high school, I’m going to be 55 years old.”

That’s not that big of a deal. When we first brought Quinn home, I’ll never forget it. We walked through the door, I put him up on the island, I turned to my wife and I go, “What do we do now? Seriously, I know nothing about this.” She’s like, “How do I know? I’ve never had one. We’re going to have to wing this together.” If they could pop them out at three years old, rock on. The first eighteen months is not my bag.

That’s the part that I’m not looking forward to, that beginning part again, going through that. That’s the hard part, not sleeping. I’m excited about it.

Good for you. There are times where I do miss it. Crazy stuff could happen, but I do think to myself that’s a part of my life that’s gone. I do think, “I’m never going to have that back again.” In that regard, I envy you for that. Have fun and congratulations.

Thank you.

That’s some good news to share. It was good talking to you.

I’m going to finish smoking this Escurio and go back for my weekly meeting.


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