recorded 4-21 show notes

Lane: Welcome everyone to the show today. I’m here with Harris and Sean.

CLE Azabache

Mexican maduro wrapper, Honduran binders and fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru.

three sizes: 5 x 50, 6 x 54 and 6 x 60

Suggested retail price is $7-9 and the cigars will come in boxes of 25

“Azabache – is a black coal or black onyx,” according to owner Christian Eiroa. Latinos use it as a good luck charm to fend off envy. Many people actually carry these small ‘charms.’ The Azabache is box pressed and medium to full body and very creamy.”

The cigars are made at Eiroa’s El Aladino factory in Danlí, Honduras.

Nat Sherman Host Hobart Maduro

Released in 2014

Host Selection Maduro features a darker Connecticut broadleaf wrapper.

The Host Selection Maduro is available in three sizes: Hobart (5 x 50), Hampton (7 x 50) and Hyde (6 x 60). The Hobart and Hampton are sold in 25-count boxes, while the hyde is offered in 20-count boxes. Pricing is the same as the regular Host Selection line, roughly $5-8.

The cigars are made at Agroindustrias Laepe S.A. in Danlí, Honduras.

Sean: Has anyone seen the show Outlander? There is a great villain  in the show

Sean: There are lots of great $6- $8 range cigars coming out right now. What’s new in the shop these days?

Harris: Kristoff Cameroon, Kristoff San Andres, Kristoff Corojo Limitada, Sensorial Maduro, CLE Azabache

Lane: Jose Blanco is a great master blender.

Lane: I’ve been to the beach every month this year, going again this weekend. My wife may divorce me if we don’t move there eventually.

Sean: My buddy loves the Cro-Magnon from Roma Craft Tabac. What other new blends are coming in?

Sean: I did’t love the Alec Bradley Prensado. It got very high ratings a few years ago.

Harris: It’s tough to keep blends consistent. Sometimes they change over time or when certain tobacco is no longer available.

Aging Room is a company who does things a little differently. Every blend they release is its own small batch. No two are exactly alike. This is good and bad. It takes the pressure off to try to make blends the exact same every year. The downside is when they get a high rating there are no more once they are gone. I think this is a great way to do it.

Its interesting we as consumers expect cigar blends to be exactly the same every year. Yet when we buy wine from different years we don’t expect them to be the same. The weather has a big effect on cigars and wine both.

Sean: I just discovered Fuze Lenses. You can replace the lenses for any sunglasses for a very reasonable price. I have bought several sets of lenses and they work great.

Lane: I have some polarized Oakley sunglasses and the new Rayban Wayfarers

Sean: I love the Lowdown from Smith Optics

FDA Premium Cigar Regulations Update

Harris: There is good news and bad news. The language in the Agriculture Appropriations bill survived committee. This would change the predicate date and also cut FDA funding of these regulations for a year. This will have to survive the senate to make it into the final bill. It is a long shot but still looking good at this point.

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