Macanudo is a cigar brand owned by General Cigar Company.  Originally introduced in 1971,  Macanudo is one of the world’s leading premium cigar brands.  At the outset, General Cigar began to produce Macanudo cigars in Jamaica.

Dominican Cigar Production

Today, Macanudo cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic.   Macanudo cigars have been produced in the Dominican Republic since 2000.  The father of the Macanudo brand is Ramon Cifuentes who is a renowned Cuban cigar maker who was originally from Cuban cigar brand Partagas.  Cifuentes fled Cuba and Partagas when Fidel Castro’s communist government took over the tobacco industry in the 1960s.

Although he was offered the job of running the Cuban government run tobacco industry, he chose to flee to continue making cigars.  That choice turned out great for General Cigar as the Macanudo brand can be credited with much of General Cigar’s success.  As the flagship brand, Macanudo has gained world acclaim and is considered the standard bearer for a classic modern day (post Cuba) cigar.

Macanudo Best Selling Premium Cigar in America

Now the best selling and most popular cigar brand in America, Macanudo has 8 lines of cigars each with a variety of different vitolas.  There is the Macanudo Café, Macanudo Robust, Macanudo Maduro, Macanudo Vintage 2000, Macanudo 1968, Macanudo Vintage Maduro 1997, Macanudo Cru Royale, and Macanudo Gold Label.

All Macanudo cigars are known for their mild flavor, great body and unmatched consistency.  You always know what you are getting when you pick up a Macanudo.

Macanudo Café Blend
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The Macanudo Café line is the most popular line.  Macanudo Café cigars are wrapped with a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.  Macanudo Café cigars are made with a Dominican and Mexican blend filler.

Macanudo Café cigars are made with a Mexican grown binder, which comes from the much heralded St. Andrés Tuxtla Valley.  With a characteristic Macanudo style, the Macanudo Café has smooth and mild smoke, with a light flavor and short finish.  The predictability, consistency and no frills make up of the Macanudo makes it a great standard cigar.

Macanudo is one of the most recognizable names in cigars today.  Because they do it without flare or any other cheap attention grabber, Macanudo is a great brand for anyone who enjoys smoking a cigar for the sake of the cigar and nothing more.  Whether a new enthusiast or an experienced smoker, Macanudo is everything a cigar should be and nothing more.

Macanudo is an affordable smoke too.  For a tin of ten Macanudo Café Ascots it will cost you around $15-$20.

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