Separating Cigar Myth from a True Legend

Commitment is the first word that comes to mind when trying to answer the titled question.  This concept is derived from careful planning long before the leaves have grown on that tobacco plant we all enjoy.  Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that perfection is but an attainable goal.  Allowing nothing to impede the process of being able to reach greatness and drive past “good.”  The Eiroa family allowed for certain retailers around the country to visit their vision in the making.  The making of a tradition passed down for nearly 100 years now.

It’s Got to be a Legendary Cigar Bearing the Legendary Name

The EIROA Cigar Brand is the first time since 1916 that the family has used their name on a cigar.  We are talking about Pre-Revolution Cuba days when

the getting was good.  Mr. Christian Eiroa, the present day CEO and President of operations for this establishment shared with these individuals as he wishes to share with the entire cigar community his ambitions to create greatness from the inception of this idea to its fruition.  This idea not only involves himself and his family, but many others.

Christian and his family have employed approximately 710 people in order to see this process come to life.  They have opened a factory in Danli, Honduras dedicated specifically to the making of the EIROA Brand of cigars to ensure the utmost quality control and sterile facilities; paying attention to the smallest of details at every stage.  But it starts even before it gets to the factory.

Meticulous Care and Craftsmanship Ever Step of the Way

From the soil this tobacco being used is planted in to the maintenance and care, extra supervision has been taken.  Logs are kept to know the exact moment when the tobacco is ready, and only the top “Primings” taken to construct this cigar are used.  A process that is very time consuming, and creates a shortage of supply because of the years needed to get these particular leaves into the hands of those who will eventually roll them.  Careful consideration is being taken to ensure that every aspect of this cigar be impeccable; from appearance to taste and consistency.  The EIROA Cigar Brand is a prideful delivery from the family that stems from years of tradition.  A heavy burden to create the first cigar with the family name directly attached to it, but a burden that Christian Eiroa has chosen to be his plight.

Many would question as to why create a cigar that requires such a diligent and stressful regiment. Christian would simply answer, because all we have in this life and in this beautiful industry is our name.  And that premise alone should foretell future smokers of the EIROA brand that no short cut will be taken, no compromise will be made, and no dollar amount could ever surpass the importance to attaining legendary status.


By Ammer Cabrera, witness.

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