Ashtrays are one of the most important pieces in the smoking world.  Where would our ashes and butts go if we didn’t have ashtrays?  Ashtrays are also important when smoking a long smoke like a cigar because, cigars are not meant to be smoked quickly.

Cigar Ashtray Materials and Decoration

Often times a cigar spends more time in ashtrays than in the cigar smoker’s hand.  Ashtrays are generally made of some heat resistant and fire resistant material like stone, pottery, metal, glass, a thick plastic composite or some other material.

Ashtrays can be just as impressive and decorative a smoking accessory as a nice humidor or pipe rack.  Because they sit on the top of a smoker’s desk, poker table or table top, the look of ashtrays is important to many serious smokers.

US Ashtray Market

Today, the manufacturers of ashtrays are having a hard time in the American market.  Most state and local governments have initiated indoor smoking bans in public places that were very popular smoking places such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops.  Thus, ashtrays are almost as rare as the payphone these days.

Some of the last standing public smoking places are the tobacco specific establishments such as the local cigar bar or cigar store.  These places are often exempt from indoor smoking bans because no one but smokers are usually found there, so there is no need to limit the smokers’ freedom to smoke where there smoke will not be said to harm anyone not deliberately exposing themselves to the health dangers of tobacco smoke.

So the best place to see a great example of great ashtrays is a the local cigar shop.  Many cigar enthusiasts maintain a smoking friendly area in their home as well.

These highly dedicated smokers are often the most disposed to take their smoking environment very seriously and therefore will not have anything but the best most impressive ashtrays available on the market.

Another place where ashtrays have all but vanished is in the modern American car.  Most cars produced from the model T to the early 2000s were equipped with both front and backseat ashtrays.

The car was always an ideal place to enjoy a smoke, whether the occupants were enduring a long commute through traffic, or enjoying a top down Sunday cruise down a coastal highway.  But today, car manufacturers have all but ceased making ashtrays a standard accessory in new cars.  Most car smokers have to buy after market accessories designed to fit in car cup holders.  Ashtrays are still common in most foreign countries as they have not been as active in limiting the pubic’s smoking habits.

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