Cigar Aficionado is a quarterly magazine that covers all things related to the world of cigars.  It began in circulation in 1992 and has become one of the most well regarded resources of cigar information, reviews, and current events out there.

Cigar Aficionado Lifestyle Magazine

At its soul, Cigar Aficionado is a lifestyle magazine that features articles on cigars, cigar making and often includes interviews with celebrities who classify themselves as cigar smokers.

Cigar Aficionado also covers related industries such as wine, travel, gambling, and antiques.  Although originally aimed at the most affluent of cigar smokers, Cigar Aficionado has found a general following among many cigar smokers and can usually be found in the lounge of your local cigar shop.

Cigar Aficionado Cigar Reviews

One of the popular features of the magazine is its cigar ratings.  Cigar Aficionado includes

a cigar rating in each issue.  They employ a blind taste test to evaluate different brands and lines of cigars against each other, especially new products.  The rating system is on a scale of 1-100.  They also release a list of their top cigars each year.  Number one on the list for 2011 was the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill.

Although truly a lifestyle magazine, Cigar Aficionado has made news of its own by taking a pro-Cuban stance on the American embargo debate.  Then editor Marvin Shanken once interviewed Fidel Castro for the magazine and published Castro’s anti-American comments regarding the continued economic sanctions on Cuba.  But for the most part Cigar Aficionado sticks to commentary on the life of leisure and stays out of the fray of current events.

Cigar Aficionado Online Cigar Content

Cigar Aficionado, like all publications that wish to survive in an increasingly digitized world, also offers online content.  At the magazine’s website you can view articles on cigars and cigar related products like lighters, cutters, pipes and humidors.  You can also search for a cigar in the ratings database to see how the magazine rated a cigar you thought about trying.

They also have a Cigar 101 page to help the beginning smoker get acclimated to the world of cigars without having to look stupid on the golf course with a client, on the back porch with the father-in-law, or at the poker table with friends.

Cigar Aficionado Cigar Blog

The online presence allows Cigar Afficinado to interact with its readers as well.  The editors have blogs they can update more frequently than the quarterly print edition, and the website has cigar forums for discussion of new products and other cigar promotions or events.  Cigar Aficionado is a great resource for all things cigar.

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