Cigar Cutters

The complete cigar smoking process involves a few key cigar accessories.  Once you’ve got you cigar and are ready to smoke, the first thing you need is a cutter.  It is possible to bite off the end, but it is recommended that you use a cutter so as to best maintain the structural integrity of the cigar.

There are many different types of cutters.  The most popular and commonly used cutter is a guillotine cutter.  The guillotine cutter has either one or two blades and works by opening the cutter hole holding the tip of the cigar in the center hole and quickly squeezing the two sides together with your thumb and forefinger.

Cutters also come in scissor style.  These cutters function much the same way as the guillotine, but they have an open end where the two blades meet.  The blades on scissor type cigar cutters are usually C shaped rather than straight to protect the cigar from too much pinching or from having the blades slide off the cigar.

In the category of cutters we will also put the punch.  While not exactly a cutter, the punch cigar accessories put a hole in the end of the cigar rather than cutting it off.

Cigar Lighters

The next key cigar accessories are lighting accessories.  While some cigar smokers prefer to light the old fashioned way, with a match, there are many types of lighters available.

There is the standard Bic yellow flame lighter.  Like a match these give a standard yellow flame.  The trouble with a yellow flame light is it can take longer to light and be less uniform.

The next step is a wind resistant flame like a classic Zippo.  While still a yellow flame light, the Zippo is durable and can light a cigar in

the wind.

The next step up is the blue flame butane lighter.  These cigar accessories are used by many cigar smokers nowadays and have some great advantages of the old tried and trues.  The blue flame is much hotter and gives a quicker and more even light.

Beyond the pocket lighter, you can also get a larger table lighter for the study or the poker room.

Cigar Ashtrays

Once you’ve taken a few good draws from your freshly cut and lit cigar, you’ll need somewhere to put the ash.  The ashtray is an important, but oft forgotten category of cigar accessories.

Whether ceramic, stainless steel, glass or wood, a great ashtray can be one of the longest lasting and most used of cigar accessories.  They are also some of the most decorative.

Other cigar accessories include cigar cases and cigar humidors.  Check out or other cigar websites for all your cigar accessories.

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