Chocolate cigars are a healthy, aromatic, yet smokeless indulgence of decadence and delight. They have the look as if they might actually be real cigars, because a mold forms them in the shape of a cigar, which includes using a cigar styled wrapper and a cigar band, but they are created from chocolate and filled with a diverse variety of optional ingredients and flavors.

Chocolate Cigars Variety

A vastly large range of both flavors and blends are available to suit the palate of chocolate connoisseurs all over the globe. Depending on the manufacturer that you choose for your chocolate cigars, you will find that there are many flavors and ingredients ranging from Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Truffle, Meringue, and Nougatine, to Orange, Praline, Vanilla, and Hazelnut; as well as combinations of these flavors. There are sugar-free, soy and kosher dairy alternates, and some varieties that are a hollow chocolate shell filled with flavored crèmes.

Chocolate Cigars History and Health Benefits

Chocolate has been around for hundreds of years and the cacao bean itself, from which chocolate comes, was once used as a source of currency both as a taxation, and as trade for livestock and other items. In fact, documented use dates back to at least 1100BC. Scientific researchers have discovered that chocolate has alkaloids as well as caffeine and is labeled a psychoactive food. These ingredients are known to have a physiological change within the body, raising serotonin levels. Or, put more simply, when you eat chocolate, your overall mood is noticeably improved. Originally from the Americas, almost two-thirds of the world’s cocoa on the market today comes out of West Africa.

It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl Chocolate Cigars

Perfect as an alternative for those newborn baby announcements, where actual smoking would be considered hazardous to the health of those around you, chocolate cigars printed with “It’s a boy,” or “It’s a girl,” on the label are also available, with blue or pink foil wrappers to commemorate the occasion. Other occasions are also suitable for the gift of a chocolate cigar, such as an anniversary, birthdays, Father’s Day, as a special thank you, for wedding desert tables, at graduation ceremonies, a successful business venture, or any day where the gift of chocolate is a welcome treat. They can even be used for decorating cakes, by using the chocolate cigars as embellishments.

There are even recipes online for different styles of home-made chocolate cigars. Some of these are essentially sweet bread sticks, dipped in chocolate, and coated with nuts or sprinkled with decorative toppings.

Types of Chocolate Cigars

Whether you prefer your chocolate cigars as wrapped in cellophane, gold or silver foil; hand painted to appear with an ashy tip, or wrapped in foil which is designed to appear like real tobacco leaf, there is a chocolate cigar that is perfect for you. They are available for shipping in wooden cigar boxes or metal tins for quantities of 24 or more, in a gift box of 16, or individually wrapped. Some companies offer a personalized message printed on the band and include gift ribbons as an option.

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