Zippo is one of the most famous brands in all of smoking and in fact in all the world.  They have been in the lighter business for over eighty years.  While the classic Zippo lighter is the hallmark of the brand, upon visiting you will find that Zippo is much more than a lighter company.

The Zippo lighter has become known as a symbol of durable simplicity and rugged reliability.  Zippo has taken this image and built an empire.  On you can find Zippo brand watches, flashlights, pens, cologne, shaving cream, flasks, pocket knives, hand warmers and other products.

Selection is also the best place to browse all of the lighter products Zippo has to offer.  From the classic wind proof lighter to the Blu line of blue flame lighters, to indoor candle lighters and outdoor utility lighters Zippo has it all and the best place to find it is

Although it is a matter of preference, the Blu line of blue flame lighters is the suggested Zippo lighter for cigar smokers.  The blue flame gives a hotter and more direct burn than the classic yellow flame windproof Zippo lighters. features

One of the great features of the Zippo lighter is the body of the lighter is a great place to have a symbol of something important to you.  Many Zippo lighters have initials, or a team logo, or an armed forces symbol.  They also come in many different colors and patterns.

One of the great features of is you can design and customize your own Zippo lighter.  You can upload any picture or design onto and they will create a lighter or other Zippo product with your picture on it.

Z Radio also has a Z Radio application.  When you click on the Z Radio application you

are able to listen to a selection of songs.  Z Radio features a variety of genres and artists who represent the Zippo spirit.

Z Radio will also link you to which is a separate site dedicated to Zippo’s musical connections.  Zippos are after all the best lighters to hold up at a concert during a powerful heartfelt ballad.

You can order all your Zippo needs from, and for the avid Zippo fan, you can create your own online account with for easy ordering.  Because every Zippo has a warranty, also has a page with directions for making repair requests.

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