Smoking cigars, relaxing and enjoyable as it may be, can become an expensive habit.  Especially if you buy a few cigars at a time and never commit to having a stash at home.  One way to alleviate some of the cost of a cigar habit is to buy cigars in bulk.

Box prices on cigars are much better than what you normally pay per stick when you buy them individually.  The thing about buying in bulk is that you need a place to store your cigars, and cigars cannot be stored anywhere.

Cigar Storage

Cigars require particular conditions in terms of temperature and humidity to keep their quality and to age properly.  So you’ll have to buy a humidor.  While it may seem that this would cut down on the overall savings, there are some great options out there. Cheaphumidors are available all over the place.

Humidor Appearance

Unless you are preoccupied with the presentation of your cigars and your humidor, which is not likely since you have read this far in an article entitled cheaphumidors, you will find a great many varieties of cheaphumidors.

Basically a humidor is a sealed wooden box with a humidifier inside.  If you keep your humidor in a cool room where it will not be exposed to great changes in temperature you won’t need a temperature control.  All you need is a box with a humidity controlling device.

The most popular humidity controlling device is the sponge.  That’s right a simple sponge when used properly can do all your humidity controlling for you.  Most of the cheaphumidors you buy will employ this method.

Cheaphumidors are usually made with cheaper wood and don’t offer some of the fancy features of nicer humidors like sliding drawers and glass tops, but they get the job done.

Imperfect Humidors

One particular type of cheaphumidor is the imperfect humidor.  Imperfect humidors, like other imperfect merchandise is sold at a steep

discount because it has a defect.

With cheaphumidors, this defect will not effect the proper functioning of the humidor, but will be merely cosmetic.  It usually involves a scratch, dent, scuff or other minor ding.  Sometimes imperfect humidors are missing nonessential pieces too.

Regardless, you can find a cheaphumidor for under fifty dollars which will really save you a bundle over the life of your cigar smoking.  Cheaphumidors also allow you to keep a variety of cigars so you can have one for any occasion without having to go to the store.

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