In order to get a deal on cigars, many savvy shoppers look for wholesale cigars.  The term wholesale, as used with goods such as “wholesale cigars”, refers to the selling of goods by wholesalers to retailers, or  to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users.

What does wholesale cigars mean?

They are usually purchased in bulk and then resold at a higher price by the retailer.  Historically, a wholesaler was the go between for the manufacturer and the retailer.  Local businesses and national manufacturers were connected to each other by wholesalers.

Stores like Sam’s Club and Costco made popular the idea of cutting out this middleman and allowing the end user or general consumer to take advantage of wholesale prices.  The very definition of the word wholesale however, shows it is not really possible for the general everyday consumer to buy things like wholesale cigars.

This is because the term means a sale to anyone who is not the end user or consumer.  But many retailers will advertise their bulk sales as wholesale in order to make consumers feel like they are getting a good deal.

Wholesale and bulk discounts

The discounts on “wholesale cigars” are really just bulk discounts.  This is seen in the difference between the price of a single cigar when you buy just one as compared to the price of each single cigar when you buy a box.

This reality should not necessarily take away from the value of the savings you get, but you will likely get the same price from your local tobacconist as you would from an online “wholesaler” who is selling to the general consumer.  Just don’t be fooled into feeling like you got a better deal just because they said it was a wholesale price.

Trust that they are not in the business of passing things along to consumers without marking up the price to account for cost and at least some profit. Thus they are not selling you cigars at the same price they bought them for from a wholesaler.


In the case of a retailer or other commercial purchaser of cigars contact a wholesaler and set up a retailer or business account with the wholesaler.  Most wholesalers will require you buy a minimum quantity of around one thousand dollars when it comes to buying wholesale cigars.

Like any other supplier you deal with, most wholesalers will negotiate with you depending on the size of your order.  Advances in modern transportation and communication technology have made it easier for some companies to distribute directly to retailers and skip the wholesaler in some cases.

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