Cheyenne International is an American tobacco manufacturer.  Cheyenne manufactures the full range of tobacco products from cigarettes to cigars to smokeless tobacco products.  Cheyenne was started in 2002 and has its base of operations in the heart of American tobacco country in Grover, North Carolina.

What makes Cheyenne different?

As a relatively new tobacco product manufacturer, Cheyenne takes a forward thinking approach to an industry that often relies heavily on history, tradition and the sometimes unrealistic and always idealized vision of the old world.

This philosophy has helped Cheyenne make an impact on the modern tobacco industry.  In terms of cigars Cheyenne makes machine made cigars, which without losing the quality of a cigar smoke takes advantage of modern technology to provide quality cigars at a lower cost than many cigars on the market today.

Regulatory Challenges

Cheyenne acknowledges the regulatory challenges faced by the modern American tobacco industry, but strives to work with and through the regulations, rather than join in the whining and complaining done by most opponents of the modern trend in tobacco regulation.  Cheyenne prefers collaboration and creative problem solving over protest and pouting.

Cheyenne also engages in a rather counter self interested endeavor of discouraging those who don’t yet smoke from choosing to start as well as helping those who want to quit get help.  This is immediately apparent when one visits the Cheyenne website which has prominent links on its homepage to help networks.

They also acknowledge the health risks in using their product, and while supporting every person’s personal right to choose to smoke. Cheyenne has a permanent Surgeon General’s warning on all its website pages.


Cheyenne cigarettes come in two sizes, the Cheyenne king size and the Cheyenne 100s.  Both Cheyenne sizes have multiple flavor options such as Cheyenne Red, Cheyenne Gold, Cheyenne Menthol, Cheyenne Silver, and Cheyenne Menthol Silver.

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