Backwoods is a cigar brand produced by Altadis U.S.A.  It was introduced in 1981 to immediate acclaim.  Known as Wild and Mild, the unique structure is characterized by a frayed end, a tapered body and an unfinished head.

Backwoods got their brand inspiration from the old west cowboy.  Both the rustic design and the cowboy image appealed to the manliest of cigar smokers.  It is the top selling all natural cigar in the world.

Backwoods Company History

Originally, products like Backwoods were sold as cigarettes, but when the United States government started cracking down on cigarette advertising in the 1970s, the company began to market them as little cigars instead.

At first, this seemed a bit of a step away from the bravado and tough guy image of the brand, because being little is not a particularly manly adjective, but the tactic worked nonetheless.  Outdoorsmen and other rugged men favored the Backwoods for their all natural composition.

Made in the US of A, Backwoods are made with a one year aged Broadleaf wrapper leaf tobacco that gives the cigar its smooth and sweet taste.  Although they are all natural, Backwoods are machine made.  To help with the flavor and sweetness, all Backwoods are aged, cured, and developed at 70 percent humidity for a time after they are made.

Backwoods use a short filler tobacco.  They are classified as cigarillo shaped.  They are four inches long and area a 27 gauge.  The Backwoods manufacturers use a special packaging to ensure the quality and flavor they have worked so hard to create are not lost once they leave the factory.

Backwoods are an everyman cigar.  They are not a luxury cigar made for smoking in a lounge or at a fancy dinner, they are for the outdoors.  They are best enjoyed while climbing mountains, riding horses, or mowing lawns.  It is a casual everyday cigar.

Beyond the classic Backwoods Original, Backwoods come in a variety of flavors.  These include Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Honey Berry, and sweet Aromatic.

Most Backwoods products come in a maduro version, which is bolder and stronger tasting than the original flavor versions.  You can also buy Backwoods in packs of assorted flavors if you like variety.

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