Unlike many cigar companies, the Gurkha Cigar Company has only been around since the late 1980s.  Founder Kaizad Hansotia actually sort of stumbled upon the cigar industry as he was working for his family’s luxury watch company.

Gurkha Cigars Brand Origin

The Gurkha brand name was purchased from a cigar merchant who Hansotia met in India.  Hansotia bought the Gurkha brand along with the merchant’s entire stock of Gurkha cigars for $150.

He originally intended to distribute the cigars to his watch customers, but when he received responses from his customers clamoring for more Gurkha, Hansotia seized the opportunity to start a new venture.  He joined up with the Toraño family to produce Gurkha brand cigars.

High End Luxury Cigars

The Gurkha brand is positioned in the market as a luxury high end cigar.  The lines are produced in limited supply with much more focus and attention to perfection in every detail.  A Gurkha is not meant to be an everyday cigar, unless you are James Bond or the Dos XX guy.

Gurkha name meaning

Named for the Hindu warrior Guru Gorakhnath, and the legendary Nepalese fighters who bear his name, the Gurkha brand draws its inspiration from Indian legend.  The Gurkha legend holds that the British soldiers who were occupying the territory began to smoke the local tobacco and were so impressed with it they called the cigars they rolled Gurkha.  After years of obscurity, the Gurkha has been reborn.

What makes Gurkha Cigars different
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The Gurkha brand has always sought to break the mold set by the grandfathers of the cigar industry.  From the distinctly Asian flare of the Gurkha to the bold packaging, Gurkha is in a class of its own.  Hansotia even strives to make the Gurkha cigar box into much more than a box, but rather a prized decoration or even a piece of furniture.

Because they produce each cigar line in limited supply, there are many different Gurkha cigars.  There is the Gurkha Ancient Reserve, the Gurkha Ancient Warrior, the Gurkha Assassin, the Gurkha Avenger, the Gurkha Beast, the Gurkha Beauty, the Gurkha Black Dragon, the Gurkha Blend 101, the Gurkha Centurian, the Gurkha Crest, the Gurkha Crest L’Grand, the Gurkha  Dragon Fire, the Gurkha Dragon Fury, the Gurkha Elegance, the Gurkha Empire Series, the Gurkha Evil, the Gurkha G3, the Gurkha G-Series, the Gurkha Genghis Khan, the Gurkha Grand Age, the Gurkha Grand Reserve, the Gurkha Legend, the Gurkha Regent, the Gurkha Marqueza, the Gurkha Master Select, the Gurkha Royal Reserve, the Gurkha Signature Black 1887, the Gurkha Signature Red 1887, the Gurkha Status, the Gurkha Symphony, the Gurkha Titan, the Gurkha Triple Ligero, the Gurkha Vintage Shaggy, the Gurkha Viper, the Gurkha Warlord.

A stand alone cigar in the Gurkha brand is the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve.  Infused with very rare cognac, the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve is priced at $15,000 per box. The Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve holds the record for most expensive cigar in the world.

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