About Boswell Pipes

J.M. Boswell and Sons is one of the premier American handmade pipe makers.  Boswell pipes came onto the scene in the 1970s and has gained a great following.  They are handcrafted by Master pipe maker Mr. J. M. Boswell himself.   His son Dan Boswell is following in his father’s footsteps and makes handcrafted pipes as well. Dan has been working by his father’s side since he was a young boy, and has a son of his own who will likely carry on the family tradition of making the highest quality smoking pipes at affordable prices.

How Boswell Pipes are made

Boswell pipes are made with the finest white heath briarwood imported from Athens,

Greece.  Each is handcrafted and engraved with a Boswell signature.  The Boswell hand guides the pipe from start to finish in the old world way.  However, Boswell pipes are anything but antiquated. As Master pipe maker J. M. Boswell is continually honing and improving his craft.  One of his greatest developments is the Boswell bowl coating method.  This exclusive bowl coating applied to all Boswell pipes and is designed to shorten the time it takes to break in your new Boswell pipes

The Boswell Pipe Store

The Boswell pipes store is located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, where the Boswell family still runs the daily operations.  They have never expanded to other locations in order to maintain the family home environment they are known and loved for.  This single central location also allows J. M. and Dan to work on their craft and run the store without the strains and stresses of travelling to different locations. The decision has also been influenced by Boswell pipes’ dedication to providing their superb product at a fair price.  They are conscious of keeping their overhead low in order to keep their prices down.  This is a family that seeks to extend its family into a community, not an empire.


The J. M. Boswell pipes and tobacco store has everything a smoker could dream of.  Not only is there a wide selection of handmade Boswell pipes, but they offer Boswell pipes’ mixed tobaccos and a full menu of cigars.  The Boswell pipes experience may lead you to the smoking parlor to enjoy a friendly smoke, or to the second floor pipe museum.


The museum is a tribute to pipe history and has a great array of pipe related antiques that help tell the story of the pipe.  A treasure of, the local community J. M. Boswell pipes and tobacco provide many a good reason to visit Chambersburg, PA. If you can’t make it to Chambersburg and still want to purchase Boswell pipes, you can look at a section in their online gallery and give them a call to order one.  You can become a part of the Boswell pipes tradition for around $70.

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