Size: Corona Gorda 5.5 x 46
Wrapper: Habano Claro
Filler: Jalapa and Condega

The Bodega Reunion – Apertitivo is a cigar made by Bodega Premium Blends. From what I can tell, it seems as though Bodega really only has two types of cigars to currently offer. One being the Aperitivo and the other being the Digestivo. Both names are Spanish and are culinary words. The Aperitivo is Spanish for “apéritif” and often means a drink, alcoholic in nature, that is served before the meal.

Bodega Reunion Apertitivo At First-Glance

The construction of the Aperitivo was very pleasant. It had a tight roll with a little bit of veins on the wrapper. A quick draw through it before lighting gave off hints of hay or barnyard. I was pretty excited about lighting it up and beginning this relationship.

Bodega Reunion Apertitivo The 1st 3rd

Upon lighting it up I immediately got tastes of leather and, what seemed like, toast. Really pleasant. It burned pretty slow but evenly which made for a longer than usual smoke of the first third. Towards the end of this section I started to taste a little bit of pepper and spices. It still was a good smoke. I would say this 3rd was a medium-bold smoke.

Bodega Reunion Apertivo Cigar Review
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Bodega Reunion Apertitivo The 2nd 3rd

As I got in to the second third of this cigar, things seemed to smooth out a little bit. As a fan of coffee, I was pleasantly surprised to start getting hints of coffee. I never turn down coffee. Unfortunately, it was shortly after this that things started to take a turn for the worst. The Aperitivo started to burn a little uneven which took a little touch up with my lighter on more than one occasion. It never went out though. It was also about this time that the cigar began to become much more of a bold toast. Almost a taste of burnt toast at this point. I am not real sure why this is unless the touch up with the lighter played a role.

Bodega Reunion Apertitivo The Final 3rd

The progression in to a stronger bold cigar continues. I started to get a little bit of a buttery flavor though. Almost like burnt buttery toast. The boldness and burntness of the cigar was becoming a little bit too much for me so I am ashamed to say that I did not make it very far through this final third.

Bodega Reunion Apertitivo Overall

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be buying another Aperitivo any time soon. I typically like cigars that offer varying tastes to be discovered throughout the smoke but this one just didn’t seem to be one of those. The flavors were just not that appealing to me which is unfortunate because I was really excited by the construction and the first third. I am sure there is a demographic for this particular cigar but I would have to honestly say that it is not me.

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