Manufactured by Blazer Products Inc., Blazer lighters are great for cigar, pipe and cigarette smokers.  A pioneer of the modern lighter market Blazer lighters come in hand held refillable butane micro torches and cigar lighters.

Blazer lighters are wind resistant and are made with Blazer lighters’ piezo quartz crystal electronic instant ignition system which assures a quick light every time.  Blazer is an American company with its headquarters in Farmingdale, New York and has been in the lighter market for over twenty years.

Blazer Lighter Products

Torch– The original Blazer lighter, the Torch set the standard as the world’s first torch lighter over twenty years ago and is still the best around.  This Blazer lighter boasts a 2500ºF blue torch wind resistant flame and one of the largest fuel reservoirs out there.  As long as you keep it full of butane this lighter will last you a lifetime.  The Torch comes in a variety of colors and patterns and costs about $60.

Little Buddy– One of the newest Blazer lighters, the Little Buddy has a few unique

features with all the classic capabilities of Blazer lighters.  The Little Buddy has a fuel adjustment dial to adjust the flame.  It also has a child resistant mechanism to protect any untrained users.  The Little Buddy is equipped with a flip top cover and a flame locking lever as well.  This Blazer lighter is sold for around $55

Optimus – This Blazer lighter is a two in one cigar lighter and cutter.  In the center of the body of the light the Optimus is equipped with a guillotine style cutter.  For extra safety, the cutter is held closed by a magnet system after every cut.  This convenient and dependable Blazer lighter is only $50.

Side winder– The Sidewinder is a unique Blazer lighter.  It features a classic flint wheel and yellow flame.  It is equipped with a fuel adjustment dial and is a good size for a smoker on the go.  Its sideways flame also keeps your fingers from getting burned.

Firefox– This is a professional grade Blazer lighter.  Made to accommodate all types of

butane torch users, the Firefox has industrial specs but is still often used as a powerful and impressive cigar lighter.  It is a table top lighter that weighs 7oz and can produce anything from a 2300 ºF blue torch flame to a classic yellow flame.  It also contains a flame lock so you can keep the flame lit without holding it down for ease of manipulation.

Other Blazer lighters include CG-001, Chief, Evo, Venture, Stratus, Ambassador, and Spitfire.

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