In order to promote their products many manufacturers’ offer cigar deals.  Some common cigar deals are sampler packs, free shipping offers, and factory throw aways.  Many sellers have package cigar deals where you can get your cigars for a discount if you buy the humidor with them.  The most prominent of cigar deals are bulk deals.  The more you buy the more you save. cigar deals

Some great online cigar deals can be found at  The Thompson catalog is a long standing mail order cigar business that now has a strong online presence.  Thompson offers great cigar deals like their “cigars with free shipping” list, their “three fers”, “two fers”, and “five pack fever” among others.

Thompson has been in the business for a long time and they are a respected name in the cigar handling and shipping business.  They also give cigar deals for people who sign up for email lists.  You can get 10% off any purchase when you sign up for their email list.  You basically get to give them access to your email for advertising in exchange for a discount.

Thompson also gives cigar deals to people who refer a friend to the site.  You can get a $10 gift card when they make their first purchase.  You can also get deals by joining their club.  Like a farm co-op or a Costco, if you are a member you get free stuff and good cigar deals.

JR cigar deals

You can also find some great cigar deals at JR Cigars.  JR does promotions like clearance and closeout cigar deals.  They also have a

weekly special that offers a sampler or a steep discount on great cigars.

JR also offers the JR alternative selection.  JR purchases these cigars from some of the most well known cigar makers.  The cigar deals are made possible because they are purchased without bands and boxes.  This saves the manufacturer money so they are willing to sell to JR for a lower price.  These usually come in a bundle of twenty.

Some examples of the JR alternative cigar deals are the following: the Aston Churchill, a bundle of 20 unmarked cigars goes for $40.95 ($65 MSRP), the Macanudo Hyde Park a bundle of 20 unmarked cigars goes for $38.95 ($60 MSRP), the Padron Monarca, a bundle of 20 unmarked cigars goes for $33.95 (MSRP $75).  That makes for anywhere from a 20 to a 55 percent discount on these cigar deals.

Also check your local tobacconist for samplers and other cigar deals.

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