History of Dominican Cigar Brands

Dominican tobacco has been smoked for all of recorded American history.  When explorers landed on the island of Hispaniola they found the natives smoking wild tobacco.  As a little brother to Cuban Cigar brands, Dominican Cigar brands grew up in the shadow of the greatly successful Cuban brands.  However, the Dominican Cigar brands grew and multiplied following the Cuban revolution.

The US embargo on Cuban goods and the nationalization of the Cuban tobacco industry helped Dominican cigar brands break through big brother’s shadow.  Interestingly, many of the brands exist as both Cuban government owned brands as well as Dominican Cigar brands owned by US and European companies.

Arturo Fuente Dominican Cigars:

Fuente has many popular lines of Dominican Cigar brands including the Hemingway series.  Perhaps the most notable is the Fuente Opus X Dominican Cigars. This pure Dominican was the first successful all Dominican cigar brand of its kind.  For a long time Dominican cigar brands struggled to grow a satisfactory wrapper leaf.

The Opus X was one of Fuente’s greatest contributions to the cigar world.  Since, many other major producers have begun to make other puros following the Opus X’s lead.

Cohiba Dominican Cigars:

There are two brands of Cohiba Cigars one is Cuban and owned by the Cuban state, and the other, the one we are referring to here is a Dominican Cigar Brand.  These Dominicans have been big in the US market since around 1997 and are commonly known as Red Dot Cohibas.

Macanudo Dominican Cigars:

Macanudo has been producing cigars since the 1860s.  Although some of the brand’s cigars were produced in Jamaica at one time, Macanudo is popularly considered a Domincan Cigar brand.

Romeo y Julieta Dominican Cigars:

Romeo y Julieta is another brand that is both a Dominican Cigar brand and a Cuban Cigar brand.  One of the most notable Romeo y Julieta smokers in history was Winston Churchill.

Other Domincan Cigar brands include Davidoff Dominican Cigars, Avo Dominican Cigars, Ashton Dominican Cigars, AVO Uvezian, Balmoral Dominican Cigars, Bauza Dominican Cigars, Carbonell Dominican Cigars, Cojimar Flavored Dominican Cigars,

Cubita Dominican Cigars, Cuesta Rey Dominican Cigars, Don Diego Dominican Cigars, Don Juan Dominican Cigars, Dunhill Dominican Cigars, Fonseca Dominican Cigars, Fonseca Vintage Dominican Cigars, Vegas de Fonseca Dominican Cigars, Griffin Dominican Cigars, H. Upmann Dominican Cigars, Indian Tabac Cigars,

La Aurora Dominican Cigars, La Flor Dominicana Dominican Cigars, La Gloria Cubana Dominican Cigars, La Unica Dominican Cigars, Leon Jimenes Dominican Cigars, Licenciados Dominican Cigars, Macabi Dominican Cigars, Makers Mark Dominican Cigars, Montecristo Dominican Cigars, Monte-Cruz Dominican Cigars, Partagas Dominican Cigars, Partagas Limited Dominican Cigars, Puros Indios Dominican Cigars, Repeater Dominican Cigars, Santa Damiana, Sosa Dominican Cigars, and Yellow Band Dominican Cigars.


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